What are you doing under there, user-kun?

What are you doing under there, user-kun?

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Hiding from the Terminator.

I'm stuck.

Coming up with a game concept that will revolutionize the industry

Fuck off Aoba, I live here now

Great, another manlet joke. Haha, never heard that one before! Grow up, whore.

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What the fuck do you think I'm doing here you dumb fucking whore? Huh? What the fuck do you think? Am I enjoying being on the fucking floor? Am I doing it for fun you disgusting fucking slag? Fuck you, go fuck yourself don't look at me.

trying to make you coom

Jeez, what's her problem? Never had someone lick her socks before?

Masturbating to your thigh

Crying. Please leave me alone.

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Panty inspection. Company policy requires all employees to wear panties and I am here to check if people follow the rules.

hello :Đ

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Why is she always connected with foot fetish? She didn't even have any feet fetish content in the anime.

Did someone say feet?

No, but I definitely heard someone say armpit.

Under wear

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Help, I've been watching this webm loop for 10 minutes


i'm under your desk
sniffing your feet

slutty feet + tummy

Plugging my charger

touching myself

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Inspecting the loose floor boards, like your boss asked. The subfloor is poorly assembled, and it could have broken at any time. You're lucky the floor beneath you hasn't dropped your fresh-outta-high school ass down a story or two.

Nice shoes, by the way.

Touching feet

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I don't have legs.