Chapter 156

Chapter 156

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Rizu is a background character in her "own" route.

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Is this Sawako's mom? Or sister?

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Are we sure this is Rizu's arc?

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Who is Rizu?

remember that cute squirrel?

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Do you remember how Fumino stole the spotlight from Rizu in her first arc as well? This was inevitably going to happen again.

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So Sawako route was memed into existence?

and done

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This phone is claiming to be robbed.


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I'm actually looking forward to this Sawako arc
This would be the first time that Rizu would be helping someone
She's alwasy been the one who was being helped so this might turn out to be good

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Fucking ghost.

>parents fighting in front of their kid
>pretend like family life is okay
Did anyone else get hit by these pages? Can't blame Sawako for leaving home when she could.

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>this kind of story again

Even Kana and her sister got a cameo in Rizu's route.

But we never saw Rizu's mom, correct?

Please stop shitting on Rizu...

no, but we got Sawako's

Silly user, we can't shit on things that don't exist.