You and Medea have won the grail war! What do you do now?

You and Medea have won the grail war! What do you do now?

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Go to sleep

Kill her using my CS, open the path to the Root and then stop right before entering it to get Fourth Magic.

Imagine thinking that Medea wouldn't use Rule Breaker and abandon/kill every last one of us

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sex with Medea

Wish for a better servant.

Nah. She's a good girl.

The only thing noteworthy or special about Souichiro was his BS snake martial arts, and thats not why she fell in love with him.

He was just in the right time in the right place and wasn't an asshole, that's all it took.

She just won you the Grail War you moron. You don't need one.

I got a wish, and I wish for a better servant. That was my plan from the summoning.

Procreate and become a wageslave for the rest of my life.

>1. Tell grail to hold off on the wish.
>2. Go invite Rin to have a 4some on top of Bazette's sleeping body. Then probably heal her too.
>3. Go back to the grail and say I want Aozaki Aoko to be my servant too.
Grail will probably package that with something that kills humans, but there's nothing you can't fix with a time magician.

On the chuuni side but pretty based magus answer.

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Have her cast a spell of physical age regression to roughly 11 years old on both of us.

Headpat medea.

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Establish solid physics and power level in the whole Nasu multiverse that even Nasu can't asspull with the disguise of adding more layers to the existing multiverse's physics

Her feet must hurt.
First of all I will give her a foot massage.

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I wish for a drastic increase in baseline empathy in all humankind present and future

Use the rule breaker on the grail for the lulz

Like, how high we talking? Cause it goes too high and the world collapses because everyone is too busy trying to help each-other to no longer really function themselves in a feedback loop

Posting a superior Casterwife.

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Missionary with the sole purpose of procreation with my wife Medea.

Enough that actually committing rape, theft, fraud, wealth hoarding, willful mass pollution etc just isn't a thing anybody can get a kick out of anymore, but not so much that people lose the capacity to kill in self-defence if attacked.

based mageautist

I upgrade her to her lily form.

Considering her understanding of the grail at the end of the war probably already better than the creators themselves, request her to make a better grail and system so we can watch new autists and servants fight over it from the best seat.

He's not a tubby neckbeard, tho. He might not be much but he's a standard or two above most of us here.

Use her and the grail as catalysts to incarnate her superior aunt.

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>You and Medea have won the grail war!
Fucking how, what was the competition?

In any case, there's not much else to do other than trying to abuse the grail for a wish or something like that, maybe I can fulfill my dream of being a powerful figure that holds enough influence to sway a country.

Go search for Tohsakas defenseless anus

Wish for humanity to be better based on certain parameters, Doesn't have to be a utopia or make everyone this perfect being, just baseline upgrades to push us a little more past our more animalistic vestiges that are holding us back when we're on this scale of success.
Basically make everyone more intelligent, emotionally capable, physically capable etc etc.
Raise the floor and the roof for Humanity on most things, make the dregs like me less destructive and make the best of us even better.

That sound likely get get sent to the Lostbelt.