Why do people like Chino so much?

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It's her rabbit.

I only like Rize!

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Seeing her tickles my Soul-hole.

I love my wife Chino.

She brews the best coffee

Very fertile.

I think it's because if you protect her long enough, you become Chino-chan! and then you can play with your cunny forever!

Because she services old, fat men and I am one of those.


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I like Chino because she is a loli like me, except she has friends. Oh god I wish I had friends too ;_;

Chino also likes rabbits and she is kawaii. And there are lesbians in the show and that's good because I like lesbians and I will never have a girlfriend. Why am I such a loser?!

Chino is like my dreamgirl she has a :・ face I love that. She is also nice why aren't real girls nice!? I got dumped a lot of times but I love chino and she wouldn't dump me because she's so nice and cool.

We would play with rabbits all day and watch Naruto and other cool animes on TV, and I would have sex with her because sex is so good. I wish I could have sex with a girl.

She's one of those cute and funny types.

Why is Chiya so dumb is what I want to know

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>Ywn take the field of battle with you commanding leader rize

People have a kuudere fetish.

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Dont bully my wife's friend

can't say no to the chi

She's trying her best give her a break!

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Rape Chino

You can't rape Chino! Because she never refuses a gentleman's offer to fuck her.

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Cute pajamas!

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What a slut

What are Chino's fares?

My wife Chino is so cute

Cute and bunny

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so cute

She's not a slut she's just a professional barista that works hard to satisfy her dear customers.

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