Kimetsu no Yaiba

What is the best fight in the series?

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RLD and Koku

looking to gauge opinions on the ending

#1 is Koku vs Chadjima, Salami, Goneya, and Muti
#2 is Tanjirou vs my heart

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Reminder that Genya didn't even get an afterlife scene

TL when I need to see how Muzan gets BTFO

best fights in my opinion were Koku and Akaza

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Fuck, are you me? Although I thought Giyuu/Tanji vs Akaza was pretty good too.

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>Tanjirou vs my heart
>liking one sided curbstomp fights

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Koku, Gyuu/Daki, Akaza

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Isn't korean user here today? :(

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Fuck Snek is really dead?

he's translating after the dump

croc would not be so cruel as to off Love without Snek.

I fucked her
I fucked the koku user
I fucked the Doumashino user
I fucked the Sabitofujo

Oh, thank you

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He did, we saw him in heaven with his siblings

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>Snek is like half a head shorter than Love

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>abandoning your demon dad after he resurrected you and grew back your arm and eye

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So how many chapters after this? One? Two?

>Tanjiros blind in one eye
He matches Kanao now

Who knows. Been a bit of a messy handling by Shueisha. Wait for next week's LCP and we'll understand what's going on.

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Remember when people thought Gotouge forgot about Kanao

also matching chest scar

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>arm and eye healed

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>Speedreading scans

>Giyuu moments from death

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even if his eye is blind its still physically healed
his arm is also back

Don't think so. His right eye look like it's blind while his arm look pretty bad here.

No, his arm is gone