Kengan Omega

Carlos about to fuck Gaolang up.

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gaolang's just gotta get more oxygen into his muscles

Kengan Omega is on break next week too

is Kengan just Baki clone?

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Yes, but it's better.

Yes,but nobody dies and if they do they just bring them back.

Kengan is better and doesn't have ugly art.

>doesn't have ugly art.
daily reminder mexicans are super effective against japaneses

B-bruh... dont do this please. Source?


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Wrong thread faggot

hey don't be like that
why don't we just get along?

Liar liar pants on fire.
Ch. 59 is confirmed for next week. Now be so kind to take your shit somewhere else

Kengan is Garouden for normalfags.

Garouden's pretty shit though, power scaling is all over the place and fights are mostly pretty trash.
The official website states 5/7 as the release date, but hopefully it'll change.

good thing gaolang isn't japanese

>A Shuumatsu thread, a Baki thread and a Kengan thread all going on at once
Nice. Has this symmetry happened before?

thats because the site has a 1 week delay for free users, user-kun¨

chapter 47 only came out yesterday for example

meant chapter 57

relax, Shuumatsubro just got lost. All martial/fightManga chads are welcome here.

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So Kengan won't have a break because of Golden Week? Good to know, thanks.


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Enter The Kengan

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>Baki clone?
Baki is fags only.
Kengan is wholesome and has good babes.
Also Kengan didn't spawn depraved furry scat vorefag products.

>he killed like 3 whores
Sasuga Brunhild

Baki has no fights
Fights stopped after the first part of baki
After that it was just one punch ko contests and pseudo philosical debates

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What the fuck is a Baki?

So I finished reading Kengan Ashura and Omega up to latest chapter and it really, really reminds me of Breaker. Like the plot's not the same but the general feeling is. I guess they are drawing ideas from the same sources?

He's jewish though, that's about as evil as it gets.

Eat your Kopi Luwak somewhere else you worm fag

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My point is that I like both series.

thats such a retarded title i love it