why is she permanently dazed and confused?

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why does she disappear from the show

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Because when I get older, she stays the same age
Yes she does. Yes she does. Alright alright alright.

It's cute. Just don't ask. It's too cute

She was permanently mind broken by Homura's huge futa cock.

>she's used goods
Aw man.

Because she's a het and het doesn't end up well in this universe

Why does "Apple-chan" want to talk to "Madoka" and hasn't "MadoAn" come yet?

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for her genetic

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She's literally me

I love my retarded daughter

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Why is the shows writing so fucking bad
It has less quality moments than the original and some scenes look gorgeous buck holy fuck bang the writing is so godamn boring

I love how mysterious your posts always are. I want to be your bf

Don't post Nishio's shitcharacters!

Unfortunately most Japanese people are smarter than Murican. If you had been graduated from a prestigious university like Ivy League, you might have been proud of your educational background, but such a graduate is often very well‐mannered. If you're an European, you can sing the song!

Oh, I think you’re great, but I’m looking for something else right now. Yeah, I’m already seeing someone with tripcode. Sorry! But thanks for asking.

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>doesn't even have a custom tripcode
You can't even tripfag properly newfag.

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I want to smell her panties


Because she's an anime original character.

low IQ

But you can recognize me from my posting style!
I want Apple-chan to get shock therapy and to forget his bad memory about me. He would become Yas Forums true virgin, if you know what I mean.

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You have it. My condolences.

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What are his bad memories of you?

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Kamihama is weird.

>I watched 1 episode since the end of the last season
I need to finish this show.

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You can see my multi shadow clone Jutsu against Apple-chan on Desuarchive. I created at least three effective replications. Lawnchair-tan, user who attacks Apple-chan, user who blames Lawnchair for bullying him, and a mediator. Though Apple-chan has told me that he doesn't talk to me anymore, he thanked "his supporters" with all his heart. Finally, I showed him screenshots including many (You)s from him. He let his guard down, because I'm Japanese. I guess he was not able to imagine I can use the Jutsu in English.

He has gradually come not to reply to anyone much.

Please forgive me for putting my skills to use there., Apple-chan!

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Why did you do that? You have Borderline Personality Disorder or something?

Because Apple-chan and ACK bullied me. Apple without ACK is a mere coward.

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I know Araragi does some really stupid shit but the raw horsepower is there. There's no way he could spawn someone as retarded as Iroha barring FAS or Down's.

What's your MBTI? You have always seemed like a very intense person

Eroha makes me so horny!

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