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So which of the level 5's have the best chance at beating Touma in a fight?

Also how would each be ranked if Touma had to rank them based on how much he liked each?

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#1 > Mikoto > Gunha > Mugino > WHO? > Accel

Mugino if she just beats the shit out of him and doesn't use her powers.

Not possible. Touma is a firm believer of gender equality. He'd punch her in the face like Hamazura did.

>However, Kamijou soon spoke up.
>“Oh, so you’re one of them. Does that mean you know Accelerator or Misaka?”
>“Eh? What?”
>“You don’t seem like the type to zap someone as soon as you meet them, so I guess it doesn’t matter. …More importantly, what was that about running away?”

We need a Touma and all the level 5 gathering.

Most them met up with him at his apartment that one time, but L5s are mentally speaking very unique, not exactly stable, and do things their own different way.

Closest to a full cast (with no touma) is in accel idol. It was a great chapter.

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>Junko complaining she just got a new uniform but it's already getting tight by the chest
The absolute madman, Nogi meme'd Junko's rapid breast growth into existence

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Even without the dialogue that sprite is proof enough, as well as Fuyukawa joining in on drawing her with a big rack.

Uironically this. Mugino with robotic arms (actually even without them) bullys him. The rest get put down like always.
Touma relationship tierlist for science niggers in pic related

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Oh forgot to mention, that's supposed to be KnT and OG Kakine in the same tier. He's okay with Beetle so he'd be somewhere in B.

Nogi is fucking BASED.
Basically gave at least 1 free bust/waist upper for every girl.
Also free yuri uppers as well.

If Nogi keeps influencing Kamachi every girl will have K cups by the end of GT.

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>24/7 threads
Raikdexfags, this is your mindset

I guess, but you have to make her have no face.

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Unironically Gunha is the only one who can actually beat Touma. How much he likes them, how? Like in general? Then

*Since Touma can't really remember Misaki, I ranked her based on how he generally treats girls he just met, meaning he'd automatically think higher of her than most men, unless said main is his bro.

You mean like how she beat Hamazura?

Mugino is a well proportioned lady. Not some cave troll or fat ogress.

Accel > Mikoto > Gunha > The rest > Who?

Does Touma have magic guns? if so sure.

Hamazura is a low level thug physically, and he was still able to rock Moogino's shit with one straight punch. Touma hits way harder than Ham, and the moment he connects Moogino is gonna feel like his ripping her head off.

Better. He has drag guns. Also a precog b.s.

One punch after she had an entire magazine unloaded into her you dumb retard

A dragon might punch a bit harder than a normal highschool boy.

Excuses excuses. Mooguano has zero chances against Touma, you retard.

Guns tho

>GOONHAfageet is still false flaging and starting powerlevel arguments
kek we have a new contender bros

dragons > guns

What kind of tier list is that? Do you only know 11 characters?

Speaking of dragons, why is Touma's dragon form so wimpy? Look at those pathetic limbs that look flimsier than twigs. And it's not even a respectable size too. This isn't a dragon, it's a glorified lizard. The dragons in his arm are so cool and he gets stuck with this noodle-fingered punk ass "dragon" form.

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It's an immature form. That image is not on scale compared to how Kamachi described regardless.

>Has enough adrenaline pumping to shrug off a magazine worth of bullet holes
>can't tank a single punch to the face
Weak. Moogino is such weaksauce, no wonder she can't even beat a single normalfag after 3 fucking tries.

Fuko dah moment

Don't hate. He's a normal highschool dragon. Not a mature adult dragon who's lived millenias.

It's just level 5s and Most liked/Disliked indicators. Meaning, on a scale of KnT to Komoe, how much does Touma like level 5s.

Where would you put Othinus on that list?

Mikoto already beat Touma.

>So which of the level 5's have the best chance at beating Touma in a fight?
Gunha > Accel > Mikoto (AAA) > Moogino > ??? > Kekine > Misaki.
>Also how would each be ranked if Touma had to rank them based on how much he liked each?
Out of the ones he has met.
Accel > Misaki (pre-memory loss) > Mikoto > Gunha > Beetle > Who?
I can't remember if Touma met Mugino during NT12 or not.

This, though it's always kind of a tossup when you have two characters fight who don't want to actually hurt the other.