The final 9 seconds of Precure

The final 9 seconds of Precure

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A sign of things to come...

>Is a whore
>Afraid to die


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Think of the unspeakable horrors the Healings escaped this Summer thanks to Corona-chan

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I want to fuck Miss Shamour so much

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Damn i want to make Chiyu a happy mom

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Me too, but also Ribbon, Hummy, Rabirin and that cat fairy with the lewd fanart from PriChan.

I want to make a precard with Ribbon. I want to discharge my happiness all over her face and make her sneeze.

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>hanging out on the edge of a skyscraper with a toddler
What the fuck

It's a nice view and the fear will help toughen her up later when other things aren't nearly that scary.

Toddlers don't know the meaning of fear. They're literally too stupid to fear.

God I wish I was Liko's broom

b-but what about the preview of ep 13?

they're magic, it's no big deal

Is that true? I know kids brains develop things later than you might think. My teacher friend taught me you can't use sarcasm on kids below like 4th or 5th grade. They're just not wired for it yet.

>4th grade
that sounds slightly older than I expected
but only slightly

Girls mature faster, but boys mature better later in life
Women never really mature beyond their 20's btw
Based Japan.

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The lion must throw its cub into the ravine.

Can't spell Chiyu without chu~

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I like browsing this site.

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More like Chi-ewww

This bothers me to no end

ive never liked that kind of bikini but gotta admit that the pic looks good

So this image is cute and all but why would these two be telling this to Rikka who is not part of a Precure duo situation?

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>Onsen daaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiissuuuuki

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