I just negativated this shit on Netflix

Anyone else did the same.
Fuck this crap.

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Did anyone else do the same?


What the fuck does "negativated" mean?

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It means he rated it 1 star you fucking dinosaur.

Did you actually watch any of it or did you just hate vote on principle?

I assume is dipshit speech for hitting the thumbs down button on a video, which is probably the equivalent of hitting the cross walk button

Netflix no longer has a star rating system gramps

Lmao hater gonna hate

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I'm guessing the animation is dogshit?

Thumbs down.

this shit was made for memes

Probably some new twitter word because people think typos equal creativity now

buzzwords are for little children.

Ilya Kuvshinov? The asshole who embarassed himself during Pixiv ONE Live in front of everyone scrambling together picrel while the nip he was competing with drew an amazing piece? The man who rebranded himself from Kr0nprinz after the tracing debacle??? ahahahah what the fuck Netflix why hire this man

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My sides.

Fucking burn this show.

What the fuck is this shit

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Smells like something from reddit

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Fuck off to leddit

just means thumbs down on netflix.

If rhis is from the actual show I might give it a shot.
Hillarious shit.

Is this from the anime? Because it looks like some Yas Forums shitpost

Yes it is. That's why everyone is shocked and talking about it.

Wow guys, rude

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What am I supposed look at here?

Reminder to only pirate this show, give as few views as possible to this show on Netflix, let the fuckers now this was a bad idea.

This one isn't too bad though, the camera work is pretty well done.

are you joking? the staging is awful. not to mention the fights are floaty, awkward and every hit has zero impact. it's hilariously awkward and bad.

Anyone else catch that think pol episode where they just straight up used rag doll on a bunch of faceless characters to dog pile on a guy?

Like not even choreographed or anything, just straight up t-pose dolls thrown on.

Damn that looks like a weird blob shit with hardly any texture. Sousou did much better.

I am sure someone will find it and make a webm.

holy shit

Damn the new season of rwby has hit new lows

what the fuck i love netflix now

Wow. This cg shit is somehow more soulless than the live action trash


the plot is actually pretty good

I hate her design, Not asking for another Gits:SAC Major

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Damn Illya moves like THAT?

what mobile game ad is this

Yes is good.
Yas Forums is full of contrarian redditors.

Jesus christ it's actually worse quality than some SFM porn I've jerked off to.

Holy shit. Help. I can't stop laughing.

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