For me, it's Violet

For me, it's Violet.

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I wish she could compose a letter for me

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>fake /u/

Violet Evergarden is a time flop. It sold well, but its fanbase is dead, and people don't even remember it anymore. It was generic, melodramatic, and boring. It was a corporate project (it was also shilled by its producer Lantis) that represented how you can play it safe to make sure your show sells.

There are shows (such as Evangelion, Madoka Magica, etc.) that can be considered timeless successes because not only were they successful, but they still have a sizable fanbase, and people still remember them as one of the masterpieces of anime. VEG has none of these things.

People reference the number of threads it gets (which only started picking up in number after I called them out on their shilling), but that doesn't mean it's not a time flop. It's a very small number of people coordinating to artificially create an impression that the show still has a fanbase after it finished airing. Just look at the Unique Posters to Posts ratio in every thread. It will be wildly unbalanced, especially in comparison to shows with an actual legacy (Evangelion, Madoka, etc) which have a far more balanced ratio while also having a greater volume of posts.

The bottom line is that VEG has no cultural legacy whatsoever, even in comparison to other Kyoani shows like Haruhi and Hibike, and is sustained entirely by dishonest fan support.

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>tfw no violet gf

Praising an additional layer of sterility.
Sasuga, Madokafag.

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>Saber with somehow less personality
How did they manage this?

meh, KyoAni's made way better

user, who would you want a letter written to?

V2 of Magireco sold a measly 6K
they've delayed the release of V3 as a result

I'm still confused. Was Violet 14 at the start of the war, or is she 14 now?

10 at the start of the war.

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I suppose I'd want the letter written to a couple people who used to be friends. I feel like they've forgotten about me and no longer really care about me. However I also don't wanna call them out on it and they're good enough people. I'll just let it go and hope they go on to live happy lives

That curry cup ramen is pretty good. Had one today.

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That last movie was SHIT though, so good riddance.


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are you also the dude who likes the girl from koe no katachi and made edits of her working at mc.donalds?

Well for me it's Luculia. She's the single most beautiful anime girl ever.

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Since the thread seems to be lifting off a bit, I want to get this off my chest.
A thread earlier about muh brainlet filters got me thinking about episode 3 and how it arches over with the songstress OVA.
Ep 3 is the first where she successfully relates to others to some degree, of course.
And the OVA is where Violet finalizes her growth away from the social training wheels
that others have often provided for her in the past episodes by man moding /lit/ and letter.

But as far as the connection between ep 3 and the OVA goes specifically, I considered this:
Why did Rhodante suggest Violet for the job? Clearly it doesn't have that much to do with her letter writing prowess,
since she's no prodigy at that yet, but she is a fast learner, smart, and that Rhodante probably reckons.

So, the job description was two part:
First, what Irma tasked her to do directly, "should make every woman emphathize, and strike the heart of every man".
Basically the ideal letter, what an ideal doll would write.
Second, what she hears when Hugo takes her aside to further clarify the goal, pic related.
The first part is something that someone like Luculia, for instance, could potentially do, but as for the second part, what Violet showed Rhodante in Ep 3 is that she can relate to war torn people specifically, like she did with Spencer.

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Considering Aldo was a well connected individual I'd say Violet was suggested because Rhodante was told about Irma's situation regarding her dead boyfriend and the war.
It should also be safe to say Rhodante knew about Violet's major thanks to the reports she wrote during her time in that AMD school.

It was basically a "good luck lol" thing.

I got bored 3 eps in

Oh yeah, I meant Aldo in in the wall of text, not Hugo.

Duh. Hugo is worm food.

Take your pills and try again?

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