Is this actually good? I wanna read it but I don't want to waste my time with shonen trash

Is this actually good? I wanna read it but I don't want to waste my time with shonen trash.

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It's pure K I N O

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see like idk when people are just shitposting about it or serious that its good

I just finished it today. It's good. I don't get the deeper philosophical stuffs, but I enjoy a The Road-esque story with magical power.

Yea its actually pretty good


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Oh boy it sure EXPANDED my brain. Just like LAIN and the other manga/anime meant only for INTELLECTUALS with high IQ.

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I don't like shounenshit but I enjoyed it. However I thought the second half significantly better than the first.

it's absolutely kino unlike other shounen trash
the second half had so much kino

Just don't read the recent dump in the archive, unles you want a retarded and massive KINOOOOO spam

It's overhyped by memes, but still pretty good. I honestly prefer Chainsaw Man so far though.


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Just read it ffs it's only 83 chapters you can read it in a day if you're quarantined

I read it all in one day, its insane

It's alright but kinda fizzles out in the end.

Definitely feels like it was made up as it went along.

>Definitely feels like it was made up as it went along.
Bull. The entire story was thematically consistent from beginning to end. The Sun/Luna aspect was introduced from the very first chapter.

You're a brainlet that confuses broad themes and simp-tier symbolsim being thought about loosely and actual stuff being planned out.

This manga was all over the place tonally and narratively. Goes from shounenshit to edgy seinen to slapstick to muh feels to quirky meme characters and so on. Literally throw everything at the wall writing.

it's insane
pure and unadulterieted kino

>waste my time
Don't pretend like you actually have something to do. Just read it and decide for yourself.


This but unironically

>Buzzword buzzword buzzword
Oh you're that kind of retard.

how long do you fucking fap?

Shit taste

No. You're a brainlet for thinking that every story needs to follow a conventional plot structure, i.e. a plotfag.

The narrative is non-conventional because it’s a meta-commentary on movie narratives. It subverts a lot of traditional plot devices on purpose. Evaluating this work from a conventional perspective is extremely limiting, as you won’t be able to appreciate certain elements that you wouldn’t see in other works.

It is largely a subversion of gritty revenge stories. Agni wants revenge on Doma which we expect to happen near the end, but rather by the time he catches up to Doma he's a reformed old man and there is no satisfaction in it.
Togata was there to be meta and make fun of the resemblance to typical post-apocalyptic fiction. She pushes Agni to follow a traditional revenge-driven hero, which Agni ultimately refuses. We expect Agni to continue on this uphill development away from revenge and towards acceptance. But that all changes when he encounters Doma, leaves but then decides to kill him at the last moment, totally blowing away our expectations yet again. This is the sense of satisfaction a reader gets which would otherwise be predictable in traditional storytelling formats.

tldr; Fujimoto tells plotfags to get fucked

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It's tryhard misery porn with personalityless MC and no direction

based Firechad

A secter to successfull shitposting is that there's always some truth to it.

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I hope this gets so popular here that it catches on and we get an anime. I don't really give a fuck if people here like it I just want an anime

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What? It's a "You choose your purpose" story. Very nihilistic never taking a strong stance one way or another

It's rough and sometimes feels like it jumps the shark but it's a very unique story that somehow works and doesn't run long enough for it to overstay its welcome. Also some of the panels are fantastically done despite what shitposters may say.
If you want something more focused, you'd probably like Chainsaw Man but I'd highly recommend reading Fire Punch first to appreciate the evolution of Fujimoto's style.

Why not both?

Yas Forums will explode if it gets animated. Imagine the threads fuck

Because that's not the theme. It's not about how fruitless revenge is or unfulfilling. By all means if Agni had gotten his revenge right away he'd have been happy but then left without his reason instead he sees Doma as a person like anyone else.

It's nihilism

>Ufotable, BONES or Madhouse gets the rights


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You say "the theme" as if a story can't have more than one theme. You're missing the point. Regardless of the outcome, the reader already has a predisposition to traditional storytelling methods. Fujimoto subverts these methods like showing Doma again within like 5 chapters. The average reader would never expect this. Anons reading for the first time literally confirmed this back in the readthrough threads.

What you said really means nothing
>They showed the bad guy again!
>He subverted
Okay and then the entire story ended up being subversion upon subversion. What does this have to do with revenge?

>Anons confirmed it!
Yes and user is a nigger and a scholar

Studio doesn't matter because Shueisha will spend 0 dollars on it assuming it ever happens.

What the fuck are you even going on about dude? All I'm saying is that Fire Punch subverts expectations which is a fact. I never disagreed with this Seems like you just enjoy arguing for the sake of it.

Reading it helped me get over my overwhelming fear of death. I'm now at peace with the fact that everything ends one day

>expected OPM with fire
There's your problem faggorillo.

>tryhard misery porn
Slice of life fags need to get sliced.

>the one dude in class that actually did the reading


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Gonna start reading this tomorrow. I swear to god if you fags lied to me and it actually sucks I'm going to have sex with all of your mothers

It's KINO both literally and figuratively
Unironically speaking

Anything that gets called "kino" is automatically trash

Despite being labeled as shounen it really isn't one
Not even memeing like hunterfags
It's like an (early) Berserk/Evangelion mashup, in a completely different setting from either

This. Anything that is darker than Berserk is not a shonen. I don't give a shit if it's published in a shonen magazine, it's not appropriate for young boys.

Didn't much care for it. I thought it was too boring and slow.

It's very good for the first half then takes a nosedive into retardation. I'm currently enjoying chainsawman, but I'm expecting it to do the same.

What's this from? Looks kinda gay desu

Just finished this series, read it all in a day
I’m so heartbroken that this is Yas Forumss latest designated shitposting manga. I don’t think it’s perfect, but it’s definitely way better than most of the manga I’ve read
I felt that Togata’s movie parallels were too pretentious and the ending was a bit unfulfilling, but its a fun read and it does manage to express an urgent message
Just a shame we can’t talk about it without Hunterchad-esque rhetoric being tossed around
Also who was the naked guy in the helmet. Honestly didnt expect him to come back, why was he pissed at Agni?

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Your favorite anime is kino user

The shitposting might actually be too strong for Yas Forums

Yeh, it's good.

The helmet guy was pissed at Judah, because some Behemdogs destroyed his home.

It's good, the dumpfag ruined everything though.


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