I want to_______ Rei Ayanami

I want to_______ Rei Ayanami

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sexually exploit an emotionally underdeveloped 14 year old

I want to love Rei Ayanami and make her happy :)

see gendo impregnate

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She is fucking dead though.

She cute



christmas Rei, Best Rei.

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prevent the apocalypse by destroying the unholy abomination that is known as

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How do you think her underwear smells like?

watch Gendo fuck

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Lcl and fresh pussy

Why is Rei so pretty?

I like how she wrings that towel

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Rei is for Toji

Hug and make her smile.

get hugged by Kaworu instead of

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Asuka rather than


Why would anyone reject instrumentality?

It seems like a 10/10 deal

no, we need social distancing now.

Because it's a fucking lie. You wouldn't even be able to tempt certain people because they want the real thing. It's why Simon rejected it in gurren lagann because there are people who just want to break down barriers and explore the real world

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True love won at the end and people like you are despicable

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Have anal sex with

sleep with Asuka while married to

get stuck in Unit-01 for 14 years with


Is this Mogudan?

Hold hands with

Okay hear me out.
Rei has a bunch of clone bodies and whenever she dies her soul just gets transferred to a new one, right? Thats why she is so pale after all, her current body has been floating in a vat for years.
Therefore her feet have never been sweaty or dirty or moved around or had any amount of weight put on them.
They are perfect and pure feet. The ultimate feet, literally as smooth as a baby's bottom.
Really think about it for a second

beat up

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God I wish that was me(tied up).



Footfags OUT!

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I’m hard

I want to - simply for the sake of wanting to see her smile and of showing her love in its purest and most unadulterated form - show happiness to Rei Ayanami.

I have absolutely no desire to experience personal gain or have my love reciprocated, but, even still, I could live a thousand lifetimes and my desire would remain unchanged.

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She’s perfect

Will he bring her back for real in 3.0 + 1.0?

Make love, not war

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teh rei!

I'd rather die than become one with anyone from Yas Forums.

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One can hope. I like to believe that user who used to post "everybody finds live in the end" with a picture of Rei and Shinji. I have to admit, in 3.0, Anno did a spectacular job of making me feel a real, visceral sense of loss and confusion making me recognize precisely how much she means to me without me saying a word about it.

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Gendo's dick

Cute as fuck


pull the fire alarm at school for

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>Please user... do it for me

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Fingerbang (in a semi-public setting)

What would sex between these two be like

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>Not c/u/te as fuck
One job, user

Explain that everything is going to be alright to

Cute and awkward

>penetrates her
>"wait a minute, this isnt Rei.....this is....LILITH?"
>picks up thrusting pace

What does her room smell like?

Pretty hot


>Rei keeps staring at the ceiling until he finishes
>"Could you please get off?"