Kimetsu no Yaiba

Scans soon. Where will Yushiro end up when this is all over? He'll technically be the last demon alive

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He'll be cured like Nezuko

Now that the dust has settled can we agree that pic related was the MVP?
I think i'd be cooler if he stayed immortal, to tell the tale of Tanjiro to the future generations.

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He'll take charge of the butterfly estate

More like the tale of Tamayo-sama

*the tale of tamayo
tamayo did all this
tamayo defeated muzan

Muzan fight top contribution
>Tamayo (medicine creation and injection)
>Yushiro (destruction of the infinity fortress, leading Muzan in the open)
>Tanjirou (singlehandedly stalled Muzan when everyone was down)
>runner ups demon cat and snek

He's unironically done the least against Muzan out of the pillars, even Love ripped his entire arm off

Yushiro doesn't need to be cured and he'd probably prefer to stay a demon

This, all he has to do i stay out of the sun and buy blood to drink, why the fuck would he turn back? So he can die?

It does kind of go against the "just die when it's your time geez!" ethos of the series not to turn Yushiro back. But he was terminally ill before demonizing and may immediately die if cured. I think Wani will just let him keep being a demon and gloss over it.

Yushiro never ate anyone so it's ok. Plus if he died he'd just see Tamayo with his husband and get cucked

He'll join the army and create unit 731 to slay the mainland demon.

Shonen is usually so preachy that they can't be like, "Well Muzan was terrible but maybe we can eventually turn the biological basis of demonism into a valuable medicine with time and experimentation!" because that sounds like the exact shit a shonen villain would say that causes KnY:Re 2077.

>He'd see Tamayo
Yushiro would go to heaven, Tamayo would be in hell

Yushiro deserves at least a handjob from Tamayo in purgatory

He's the MVP of the manga.

>Muzan's tongue is in the ground

At this point the people that live should be grateful enough for him and Tamayo that they'll just give him blood. He doesn't need very much

>mufufu, sorry to say Muzan but the 14th effect of my poison will strike you with lust and desire to commit to sexual servitude for the next demon you see and I still need to repay Yushiro for his hard work!

>As long as it's his female form

Tamayo will be saved

Was there any stated reason why the existence of demons isn't common knowledge to the public and why the demon slayer corps aren't recognised or supported by the government? I feel like the total death toll by from demons would be much less and the speed at which Muzan would've been stopped would've been faster.

Yes everyone who think otherwise is wrong
Him sparring tanjiro and nezuko was the start of the event that would doom muzan
No other pillars would, he also told him a cure may exist and send a letter to his master, he defended him agaisnt shinobu and even told them he would commit sudoku if nezuko ever attacked humans

No, DS actively avoids that kind of worldbuilding.

it's known to some extent but probably increasingly dismissed as folklore by the educated urban population, if they're even familiar with the tales at all.
>the government
which government? there's been multiple coups and full-on civil wars over the course of muzan's life.

Demons were like folklore in kny world the old man who told tanj to stay at his house in chap 1 knew they were real
The guy who had his gf eat by swamp demons even commented how both demons and slayers were real
The old lady who worked with daki even discovered daki true identity because an previously evil oiran had the same tick as daki

I could see Love sparing them

yeah especially considering how quick she was to take yushiro at his word with no proof or anything

Yushiro will die, he wasn't made by Muzan but still made of Muzan's cells.
He is going to bite it at the end 100%
and if he doesn't then part of Muzan escaped


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Well may be even her
But i dont think she will have defended the sibling against shinobu, she seems to quickly to follow and didnt stand for her choice
Now that i think her screaming at muzan to stop it could even be a character development for her who had even trouble to even to greet ubuyashiki

that's just because Yushiro is hot

I don't know much about 17th-20th century Japan but aren't basic public services like Police a thing back then? I mean couldn't demon slayers corps get more support and workforce that way?

>no shipping shit and two side characters arethe biggest contributors in the last fight
Muzan might've been shit but at least we got some nice things out of this

muzan is from the heian period, roughly 800-1200 AD

the ubuyashikis are a thousand year old clan with massive resources, they would gain nothing by making all of their operations known to the government and would loose immensely both in term of their autonomy (what government would want a superhuman private army running around? especially if this is the edo period and the sengoku is still fresh in the cultural memory) and in terms of their secrecy (really their biggest and most important advantage over muzan). they would have very little to gain and everything to lose

I'm glad everyone contributed, even the redshirts. It's funny to see some people butthurt that Tanjiro didn't suddenly become the next Yori and solo Muzan

Giyuu's big COCK

What are the spoilers

cuckzan dies! The end.

in my ass!

So what are your final thoughts on him? What could've been improved?

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Ubayashiki's don't want it to be common knowledge, Muzan doesn't want it to be common knowledge, gathering proof that demons are real is difficult.

>Muzan tosses Snek away and rips off Tanjiros arm
>Muzan notices the sun reaching him and covers himself in flesh to absorb the sunlight while he tries to escape, the flesh covers Tanjiro as well
>The flesh cocoon looks like a baby and GODjima strangles it
>Muzan tries to dig underground but GODjimas child killing strength is too much
>Rest of the pillars cut off Muzans limbs
>Tanjiro cuts himself out through Muzans head
>Muzan starts to dissolve away in the sun

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Provided they saw the exact same display, Nezuko protecting Tanjiro despite being hungry and Tanjiro fighting for his sister's life, Love and Rengoku would definitely spare them. Uzui might if they do something flamboyant, Mui might if Tanjiro frees him from amnesia mode. No one else would.

He's fine the way he is. Anyone who says he's worst villain in Jump is absolute retard - we have Ratri or El Hermano as most recent examples.

He needs to lean forward 45 degrees more

Wait what happened to his family? These people?

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He left them alive

He wasn't really anything special, but he wasn't bad. Could have had a better gimmick for his final fight, turning into a baby was really stupid, I get he's pathetic but come on, everything else was fine.

I doubt it, wani clearly wants him to be an irredeemable asshole. Probably was in mood for desert one day and ate em

Dead like his other "families"

I think the databook confirmed they're alive

Wani should have carefully figured out a way to do more shit like Yushiro's trick to fool Muzan and hijack the infinite fortress to make the final battle tactically interesting and have a more natural back and forth, because she should have known Muzan doesn't have the psychological depth to carry his side of the fight the way a Koku/Akaza/Daki+Gyutaro could. I wouldn't actually change Muzan himself much though and I love the demon baby thing, it's a damn perfect idea.

I miss this nigga like you wouldnt believe

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What a fucking mess man. Somehow I like it, kinda shows that everyone is desperate as hell and just does whatever the fuck is possible. Also
>Godjima strangles a baby

cute family

and? Zenitsu is the only who doesn't get a kiss.

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>Himejima strangling a toddler
Alright she's doing it on purpose.


>Himejima strangling a baby

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I honestly still can’t believe she went and did the damn thing

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