One Piece

Will Big Mom fall in Wano?

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Nah she's coming to Elbaf.


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coming soon

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If she dies don't Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon also?

does doc q use a pickaxe

Why is HE naked?

No? Why would they?

it's like a double ended scythe

It's kaido or kurohige?

I really, really, REALLY don't want Luffy to defeat Kaido on his own. Please let this be an enormous team effort where Luffy does NOT clash with Kaido and overpowers him in the end.

>Yeah you get burned or poisened or frozen UNLESS armament protects you so...still no real difference.
But that's wrong

Probably at least once yeah.

why not

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Law Is going to carry his ass again.

THE Kaido doesn't wear rings

Because they're pieces of her soul.

Might as well hope Usopp doesn't become a swordsman or Nami starts hating money.

Because the fruit would be reset.

>You will feel better once you get it off your chest. Go ahead....say it.

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>Usopp doesn't become a swordsman

Luffy will kick her ass with Nipponese Advanced Armament folded five hundred and sixty times

I hate fishmen!

Why is Big Mom suddenly fighting with the good guys? This is not fitting for a Yonko..


i swear, i think the image becomes lower res every time someone post it

Nami should suck my cock

It's impossible to tell unless Oda decides to set limits or claim her homies will die with her, souls can have lasting effects as we've seen with Moriah's zombies so it could go either way.

Yes and souls keep existing after death.

Charlottes for nakama

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>swiss cheese
does switzerland exist in one piece?



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My headcannon predictions.

Both Kaido and Big Mom will go down in this arc. More allies will come to support the straw hats and someone will beat her.

Kaido will go down to Luffy-Kidd-Law. And someone else beat Mama. (Maybe Marco,Izo and the whitebeard remnants)

Elbaf will be the Shanks vs Blackbeard arc and maybe Luffy and Kidd will settle their rivalry there. Shanks will die.

Final polneglyph is in gods valley.

Scopper Gabban will be in Roadstar island. (crocus-reverse mountain, rayleigh-sabaody).

Every roger pirate is staying in crucial positions on the map to help the hero fulfill Joy Boy's will.

Luffy vs Blackbeard is in Raftel.

One Piece ultimately leads to the destruction of the grand line and uniting the seas together (all blue).

Pre-TS Nami: Perfect girl to be married with
Post-TS Nami: Ultra whore only good for draining your balls when you are horny using her as cocksleeve

>Implying it's not from Swissnia the land of great chocolate and marine knives.

Choose your poison.

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Would smash Apoo.

>last chapter
will you read the spoilers?


maybe at the beginning of post-ts
post-zou a cute

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there's a world of difference between reading a summary and experiencing the actual thing

For me, it's Killer. With the mask, of course.

with a rock.

Some Luffy, Law, Kidd fighting fodders and Denjiro meets the scabbards. There you go that's the chapter.


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He's talking about the last chapter of the series, Kizaru.

hawkins should've been a woman

I will tongue kiss Apoo until I can play Moonlight Sonata perfectly.

>Both Kaido and Big Mom will go down this arc.
I agree and I dont think enough people believe this. Luffy said he plans to take down all four emperors therefore it will happen. We only have so much time left and she already had her own arc so I dont think it will be delayed until Elbaf.

I want to fa fa fa fuck Killer

kid, i already love normal kid, female kid doesn't change that much

drake is second

Would you buy it if Luffy took Big Mom down this arc?

I'm fine with all the non-fatties, including the boy. Fuck fatties. Genocide them all.

They function as horcruxes.

All 3 movements? Based

Killer with mask easy

if luffy does beat two yonko this arc ("beat" meaning do a majority of the work and get the final blow) that will be completely unbelievable. he barely beat katakuri.


I unironically would rather have pic related to join the Strawhats than Carrot (even though i like her).

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no. I wouldn't buy it if he took her down at all before the series ends

Apoo unironically works better as a woman