Jojolion, disscuss the newest chapter and no main villain fights if you can

Jojolion, disscuss the newest chapter and no main villain fights if you can

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Jobin and Akefu are both good characters, accept it before the autism takes over completely

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What will Jobin's parfait look like now that he's the owner?

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He's sending fried chicken to Dolomite

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It would be just melon with ice cream on top, he would try to get rid of the stuff as fast as possible while spending as little time and money as possible.

Cheap shit thrown randomly in a store bought glass judging from his argument with his dad

He's going to send mail to the head doctor so it's not "pursuing" or some shit.
It's a fucking bomb because Gappy is a terrorist and Kira is also a terrorist.

Lol, would laugh my ass off, because he would have to pose too while revealing it

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something 1/10 the quality but 5x the price

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Away demon

I really want somebody to make a parfait like this.

In real life? They probably did at a themed cafe


>Mail man comes up just as HD is about to kill him
>Gappy says, I win

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No Jobinkekkery here sir

Is the Head Doctor rescuing Yasuho?

So why did Johnny have Gappy's hat during the flashback? What does it all mean Araki?

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I am having a hard time getting what Jobin wants with the fruit.
He says he doesn't want to sacrifice. But the new fruit sacrifices other people as how it works.
Why bother with the fruit then?

He could, or he has ulterior motives, she did seem to create more panic in the family as she was left alive by him, so who knows

He cut her fucking arm off in the process so i'm going to say it was a coincidence that he also helped her while trying to fuck with the higashikatas.

Maybe this fruit acts differently, there is no need for a sacrifice

>Three way fusion with Josefumi, Kira, and Johnny

When was the new fruit used? I don't recall anyone testing it out

I thought the arm fell off because Paisley Park was falling apart in the toilet?

>Gappy is a mixture of Kira, who is the alternate universe form of Jotaro and Kira, Josefumi, who is the alternate universe form of Josuke and Okyasu, and Johnny, who is the alternate universe form of Jonathan

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It's the exact same fruit from the same branch that Josefumi and Kira used.
Josefumi and Kira right before the earthquake buried and merged them.

>But the new fruit sacrifices other people
The unripe version of the new fruit, we don't know all the properties of the ripe new version.
And adding to that, the old method doesn't get rid of the disease forever, while presumably the rokakaka does, and jobin also wants to keep the fruit for himself to make massive amounts of profit and be at the top of the world to live out his everlasting summer vacation.

Yes, because she’s a useful pawn to him.

>I enjoyed it. But I can't see the mom fitting into the picture now, despite her "space manipulation stand".
I saw an user say this in a almost dead thread.
I think this will not be over, we still have a bunch more stuff to go through

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Yes but this is a ripe fruit

>The unripe version of the new fruit, we don't know all the properties of the ripe new version.
Was the fruit that Kira ate specifically stated to be unripe?

Yes, for there were no ripe fruit he could eat, all of them were not going to be ripe until a week.
Unless you think josefumi was lying or hiding a ripe one, for some reason.

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Current mysteries left to be explained
>flashback man
>baby washed on shore 1901
>how exactly Johnny was killed
>why Josefumi has a joestar birthmark
>where is Kyo and why isn't she in the picture
>what is Karera doing
>why Walls Eyes has it's effect and if related to the corpse
>are the fish sausages a scam
>where is jojo's lion
Pack it in. We have another 5 years of Jojolion here.

I was looking at a reddit thread and someone screencapped the post where an user said Daiya uses California King Bed to steal the families memories and is getting a ton of upvotes for stolen content.

>Akefu is Gyro Zeppeli turned into a rock human and transported across time and space through the combined powers of D4C, Ball Breaker and Love Train.

>in a week
Has the entire plot really happened in less than one week?

Go back.


Go back.

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It's not that hard to see this coming, maybe he actually thought of it himself

this "thread" is quite "based."

The leather club is two blocks down

It isn't Daiya because she is as affected as everyone else and she can't exactly steal her own memories.

It looks like the "Redditor" is getting angry~~~~

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I "like" how...."everyone" is discussing jojoooooo~~~~

Go back.

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Ok. I’m still not sure whether or not Araki will give the ripe fruit drastically different properties.
It’s been aroundtwo months since Josuke was born.

We weren't waiting for the ones that had already grown to ripe user, josefumi ate both of them and another batch had to grow.
But on another hand part 5 takes place in like 5 days so who knows, maybe.

There's no such thing as stolen content, tourist.

Not the same guy retard, are jokes reddit now?

That was my post and I feel proud.

I must ask you a ques~~~~tion...
Do you prefer "Fried Chicken" or~~~ "Large Fries"

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>We weren't waiting for the ones that had already grown to ripe user, josefumi ate both of them and another batch had to grow.
Ok right. I thought it was something. I got thrown off by that panel.

Watchu talkin' bout Willis?

It doesn't matter how much araki tries, speed king will always look more dopey then scary or intimidating.

just playing around user

I 'think' that Joshu should 'unscrew' his toy lobster and insert it 'directly' into Jobin's 'urethra'

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>Araki will give the ripe fruit drastically different properties.
You know damn well the answer to that.

Wwwrrrrreeeeaad the manga

I hope that if he does he makes it very interesting.

>Inb4 another wave of go back

Ah, alright, but i still wanted someone to play along with me

I don't see why he would bother giving that detail if he was going to do nothing with it.

fuck you

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Thank you

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