You will never be a manlet being targeted by a beautiful taller girl

>you will never be a manlet being targeted by a beautiful taller girl
How to improve on this?
Make the girl gyaru?

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>you will never be a manlet
I thank my parents every day for that.

He's not a manlet she's just a freak of nature

He's a manlet and she's a freak of nature.

it depends which country you're from.

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>How to improve on this?
Make her a musclegirl.

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>How to improve on this?
By not being a manlet?

My heart reached a critical temperature with this page. Holy shit, the author delivers every time.

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Thankfully I'm not a manlet anywhere

What about on an NBA court?

Imagine her sitting on your face

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but he expressed a desire to specifically be a manlet

read nigga, goddamn

I know, that doesn't mean he's right.


Source me up senpai.

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I would cum so much that the whole room would be overflowing.

sauce bro

Is this your first day here? Spoonfeeding is against the rules, you fucking moron. I could be banned for spoonfeeding you.

Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu

cheers bruv

I had this tall girl constantly try to talk to me in school but i just wanted to be left alone

Was she cute? Did you know why she wanted to talk to you?

She used to get bullied for her bad acne. It left a lot of horrible scarring on her cheeks otherwise she was ok looking. She was just lonely but i just wanted to be anti social

I don't get it.
Who is she waiting for

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>She was just lonely but i just wanted to be anti social
Fuck, that was me in high school. I regretted being that way ever since. Luckily I got better in college.

user i...

>tfw not manlet enough

>always pined for this girl growing up
>same height as me
>screws my 5'6 friend
>screws my OTHER 5'6 friend
>moves out of state find out she's in a relationship with an even shorter dude who was also my friend

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Should have just amputated your legs, then you'd be short enough and get pity points on top of that.

Don't really care, this manga isn't that good anyway.

Make the girl a baka

oh wait

What's a good ongoing manga for a tall girl fetishist right now?

Ookii Kouhai wa Suki Desu ka
Hitomi-chan Is Shy With Strangers

I said "good". Not some shit where a 10/10 bombshell inexplicably falls in love with some beta loser without a personality because he's """nice""". For Hitomi-chan, not only is the male lead boring as fuck, but he's ugly as hell too.

Does it work when you're a lanklet being targeted by a beautiful shorter girl?

>How to improve on this?
make it real

Otonari Complex is alright if you can put up with the shoujo-ness.

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Oh also Ano Hito no i Ni Wa Boku Ga Tarinai

>make the girl gyaru?

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Looks cute, and looks like they have actual personalities. Thank you.

There's nothing to improve.

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>how to improve on this
you can't

it's good

the manlet

What an autistic thing to ask

things are cuter when they're retarded
autism is cute

Fucking this

Its not a fucking gyaru, you dumbass. Its yankee girl


aka gyaru

You sound pretty bitter, beggars can't be choosers.


Except that we beggars CAN be choosers. We don't have to force ourselves to subsist on shit like Hitomi-chan when we have manga that's actually good like Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu.

that's half the premise
they're both extreme dorks

tfw we are like 15 chapters behind + all those extra twitter chapters

>thanking parents for your life

Yep. The group translating this manga really is top shelf garbage.

>the amount of manlet coping itt
Fucking KEK

seems he was raised properly