Dragon Ball Super

We know that Goku will win and that Vegeta will lose so now Vegeta's opponent is 73? Feels all but confirmed at this point.

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I love Caulifla

Yes. Goku will handle Moro while the remaining jobbers handle a healed 73

Also remember

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Yep. Vegeta will be second place like always.

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Somethings just CAN'T be changed

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Exit SHITren

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Higher resolution finally

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Please don't litter Frieza

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>the undisputed strongest in the multiverse

His name?

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I'm here before the ''others'' arrives

Get lost, jobber. I meant to post this.

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>loses to base frieza
Our prince, KEKgeta...

>posts a jobber
You first.

You are out of your league Satanshitter

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Sorry, got confused with

I see

>gokufags and satanfags fighting
The battle that destroyed the multiverse.

>merely acting to make the kid look strong
What a gentlemen.

I kneel.

Ah, the Jobhan™ cope

What is UI supposed to do against the suck again?

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>Gohan is suppose to be a prodigy
>lmao it's actually Freeza. Train for five minutes=stronger than Super Saiyan Blue

>Gohan is suppose to reach an ultimate form in his "base" state
>LMAO it's actually Goku who does it. Just like think for five minutes and my evasion stat increases by 1000% rofl

The absolute state of Gohan. What did he do to deserve his fate? Call a pink wad of bubble gum a retard and then job to it?

Not clear yet

Pretty sure there will be something about how his ki in that state can't be drained since he has perfect control over his body and power.

Yay! I guess that means MUI Goku's going job all of it's remaining fights. Making Goku appear this early was a mistake

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See the OP, Bejitashitter

Nothing, Moro will humour him and fight hand to hand until he gets tired.

Nothing, that's why Goku still has no idea how to deal with Moro, right now UI is the bare minimum he needs to not be one-shotted by Moro

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>Yay! I guess that [headcanon]
What now?

Moro is, hands down, the ugliest fucking villain this series has come up with.

I just want this shit to end already

>We know that Goku will win and that Vegeta will lose

No shit, you're reading Dragon Ball.

how can you say that when THIS exists??

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I don't know about that, but Vegeta is still undefeated against Goku.

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Some people are oblivious about this simple fact

Yep. Like the retard right above you

Reminder there have been multiple times in the past when a Dragon Ball Heroes story has completely mirrored or spoiled things that haven't happened yet in the anime and manga. Hearts = Moro, Heart's Goons = Moro's Goons, and Goku training under grand priest to gain UI = Goku training under Merus to gain UI. Based off of this I assume that it will be revealed that Moro wishes to create his own universe just like Hearts.

>t. Juanrenfag

Chrono Triggered

Nothing's confirmed until the chapter comes out retards. There's no way Moro arc is ending this quickly, Toyo will drag it out period. Also Vegeta's training would be pointless.

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Pointless characters are pointless. I'm so glad the chapter don't waste pages on him anymore.


>Nothing's confirmed until the chapter comes out retards.
Then shut your mouth until it does.

>Also Vegeta's training would be pointless.
Vegeta as a character IS pointless. He only exists to fuck everything up in the end. He will come to fight against moro and fuck everything up until goku or merus saves the day.

>Not clear yet
Do you people even read the manga? Pic related, that's Goku's plan. We are yet to see if it actually works.

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Both Goku and Vegeta will be beaten to a pulp until finally Goku asks Vegeta to stall for him while he meditates to try to access MUI. Vegeta will be beaten even more kid buu style until finally Goku enters MUI, teleports Vegeta away, and defeats Moro by himself. end of arc.

The question is how it will do that

People are retarded. The whole point of using UI against moro is that even if moro starts sucking goku's energy, his body will still move and be capable of hurting him since it ignores power levels.

>UI has nothing to do with power
An actual retard right here

The absolute state

It would make things more interesting if Vegeta beat this one. But it will likely never happen. High time for some variation though!

Hey man that shit was months ago, I forgot.

Nah. Toyo already threw the Bejitafags a bone by not letting him chase after Goku's techniques but I doubt he will do more.

What the fuck is that abomination