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YGO SEVENS airs in 15 days are you hyped Yas Forums?

>A new show will air every Saturday starting from the 4 of Aprilshowcasing new Rush Duel cards and how to use them.
>March 21 big SEVENS event with the voice actors and talking about the series
>Complementary Manga meant to teach kids how to play Rush Duels coming the same day as the Anime.

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Hating SEVENS is a bad thing. Remember when Zexal gets released? Everyone hated it from the start but turns out good ending and everyone liked it better than GX. Same case will happen to SEVENS.

>and everyone liked it better than GX.

Not funny user. Remember Yuma got the better character development than Judai and Zexal made it way more popular than GX in nipland

>everyone liked it better than GX

I like GX better than Zexal though.

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lmao it's not even close
we can see the lack of budget put into sevens from the start, and ugly CGI.

I don't think we should talk about GX's production in that regard, because it wasn't much better.

I can't believe it's only 15 days away. I'm more cautiously optimistic about it than hyped.

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Does anyone have the translation for this?

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Opinions but numbers never lie
SEVENS might be a hit in the nipland making it more popular to Zexal and GX

>Zexal made it way more popular than GX in nipland
Literally not true, GX is still the most popular YGO Spin-Off in nipland

Zexal had amazing art and animation

Sevens doesn't.

I like Zexal from the start.

This is the most popular in nipland.

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I never liked Zexal
Also if you don't have:
As your top 3 in any order, you're a faggot

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No, i'm just not old.

First half of Zexal is legit terrible. By that logic VRAINS could have become great aswell if it had run for longer.

GX at least had a great cast from the beginning and some of the early "filler" episodes were kino. GX got better with every season until season 4.

Based nips


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>No homo right?

VRAINS did get better every season. It really is a shame we didn't have at least one more.

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I didn't notice too much wrong with zexal besides shark and maybe kaito near the end.

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Need an answer. I've watched eached series and legit enjoyed them all. Except for VRains. I watched the first two episodes and I can't go on. I don't know why but I hate it already. Should I power through, does ot get better?

5D's was the best...

if you really hate it you shouldn't continue but I thought it was okay.

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No, your time is better spent rewatching GX.

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It is a poor man's 5D's with Yoshida in full swing and nobody to keep him in check.

Ono didn't keep anything in check either.

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Is tomorrow the anime va stream?

Yes 1:00 - 1:45 pm japan time.

Damn you can’t handle how kino S4 was?

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>get better every season
What the fuck? season 2 was trash

it's boring outside of a select few characters and it doesn't stop looking ugly 70-80% of the time due to production problems

Better Call Saul is actually a decent Yu Gi Oh! adaption if you pretend Saul is living in Marco's ring and Jimmy can call him forth to win any game.

probably the first opinion ive seen in a yugioh thread in a while that wasn't regurgitated or parroted garbage

>are you hyped Yas Forums?
Fixed that for you.

Bow down to the new king of card game anime.


Blue eyes in sevens first, obelisk next.

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>Yusaku=lobster (?)
What is Yuga's hair supposed to be?

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Kiwano? Maybe?

>orange and yellow fruit
>Dark red and neon yellow hair
Closer to a nectarine honestly

>anime ad on an elevator
Is this Akihabara or that's just common in Japan?


It's at the Konami headquarters.

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if they're digital only are they really cards?

What about this card game anime?


Turn on captions for subs.

Yeah S1 at least had a couple of good duels unlike that borefest

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Is VRAINS really as bad as people say

Yes is a bore to watch. NOTHING interesting ever happens, the cast is incredibly boring and animation lackluster

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even if it was I wouldn't value this place's opinion on it.

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Obviously not. Make your own opinion of it.

Yubel felt shoehorned in that last season.