Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story

Why is this show so hated in Yas Forums and successful in nipland?

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When I think of how they sold out with Rebellion, only to end up with this...I cannot help but laugh

I like it

Because it's a pretty transparent cash-in.

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Because nips fucking love their gacha.

Forced deep. Only good thing they forced is the part where that blonde brat went back to home for her stuff. Iroha is only redeemable part of this whole thing.


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Me on the right.


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Magius cumrag

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Play gacha.

>i'm surrounded by retards

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now please post cuties

Is this school only for girls with huge chests?

Japan: gacha addicts who reflexively consume anything related to the gacha
Yas Forums: hates gacha and gachashit spinoff anime

The prestigious JAV academy (privately owned)

Yes they are from the rich district of the city

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dunno but I like it more than madoka

Ah yes, that must be the reason for the billion daily Fateshit generals.

because it fucking sucks

It's not successful at all. It's just barely riding on the coattails of original Madoka.

Ironic given she's likely the most retarded there.

>hated in Yas Forums
because it sucks
>successful in nipland
because it sucks and also gacha

So this is what you madokafags talk about?

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>Forced deep
Explain this buzz word

I like Rebellion though

When will we see snaa's real side?

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Please keep things straight

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Nips have shit taste

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Fateshit threads shit all over FGO though, it's all about nostalgiafagging over the VN

Kyouko sucks

You can bet

dead thread
dead series
pity bump
pity money

What would be better?
Sex with Alina or being infected with Corona-chan?

Wouldn't one lead to the other?

>airing anime
>dead threads
Lmao so this is the power of Madoka.

Well if you have sex with her a couple of times maybe you start to develop immunity?

> Nononononono
Madokafags got to cocky. Now they get an anime that ruins the franchise.

I tried to like it but the soulless gacha stench was too strong.

Did Iroha stepping things up a bit and not being a useless retard that falls on her ass in the last episode work for you? It felt a bit sudden and unexpected to see her actually get things done for once.

>corona is the result of hardcore lesbian meguca sex

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The hetposter vindicated.

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Every meguca fan went back to /vg/

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She becomes a Chad in the end of the current arc

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Let's talk about a objectivly better show.
Was Homura in Rebellion acting selfless, trying to take the burden of madokami, or selfish, giving in to her blind love and helper complex to stand above everyone else and decide whats best for madoka, think she is the one, who knows that better than anyone?


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Phrased diferently, did madokami want to be "rescued", or was she happy, saving megucas/witches and even having her dead friends around her (including homura, if she didn't turn)
In the end, the world is the same as the beginning of the movie, only with homura being the "watcher" of this fake dreamworld. (props for her dealing with incubators, which madoka did not take into account)

There's no point in labeling it as either one of those things because everybody benefitted from it.

selfless imo. madoka only did that out of duty but she wasn't happy, homura gave madoka a chance to be normal again even if it means they have to be enemies

>and successful in nipland?
Is it though?
I've seen a lot of the same thing expressed in early nijiura threads that I've seen expressed here.

It's funny how you can tell this is a timeflop.

Something I don't like
It seems to have a meaning of some sort

Madoka Magica is a time flop. It sold well, but its fanbase is dead, and people don't even remember it anymore. It was generic, melodramatic, and boring. It was a corporate project (it was also shilled by its producer Aniplex) that represented how you can play it safe to make sure your show sells.

There are shows (such as Evangelion, Violet Evergarden, etc.) that can be considered timeless successes because not only were they successful, but they still have a sizable fanbase, and people still remember them as one of the masterpieces of anime. Madoka has none of these things.

People reference the number of threads it gets (which only started picking up in number after I called them out on their shilling), but that doesn't mean it's not a time flop. It's a very small number of people being paid to artificially create an impression that the show still has a fanbase after it finished airing. Just look at the Unique Posters to Posts ratio in every thread. It will be wildly unbalanced, especially in comparison to shows with an actual legacy (Evangelion, VEG, etc) which have a far more balanced ratio while also having a greater volume of posts.
Not to mention the threads are /c/ tier dump shitposting and some OPs are made by blatant Aniplex employees such as this one , which unironically admits to Madoka being a soulless corporate product. Any negative opinion or fact about the show will be met with confused mumbling from the few that still defend this gacha. Not even the people being paid to keep threads up care about defending it and it has gotten so bad that OPs are complaining about how dead the threads are , it's that soulless.

The bottom line is that Madoka has no cultural legacy whatsoever, even in comparison to other Shaft shows like Monogatari and SZS, and is sustained entirely by dishonest support.

It's weird because she acts like the devil but I don't think she actually believes that. It's a "role" she needs to play to keep the world going. Selfless.
But then again she shat all over Madoka's wish and forced her to be happy. Selfish.
Damn, is it time to watch the movies again?

Erotic tummy #172553013

If Rebellion gave us this, I'm okay with it.

There is nothing wrong with making money.

There is nothing forced about it.

You will learn to embrace it in time. Only more gachabros coming.

It's doing okay. Close to 10k, selling alright.

Nipland does not suck.

You mean good tastes.

The series has never been better than ever.

We are too busy playing the game.

I'll get infected with coronavirus no matter what so let me at least have some fun with Alina

Good choice. I'd fuck her too.