Better blue than sayaka

Better blue than sayaka

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Better blonde than mami

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Why is Rena best girl?

I want to say no but then I remember Sayaka actually murdered civilians.

Unsufferable hateful cunt, Kaede and Momoko should beat the shit out of her to teach her some manners

Rena is pure

She's hot but nah.


Very attractive.

Usually I like blue best in series but they're the worst for megucas.

Agreed. Felicia is the cutest

What would sex with Yachiyo be like?

I love her smile

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>an actual by the books tsundere
Madoka has fallen low.

What about mammies


Fuck Oriko

where is kuroe

How can anyone like these gachagirls over the OGs?

Madoka and Mami aren't characters compared to those two gachagirls

Sayaka was always shit.

>not 'better blue than seyiku'
One job.

She's literally me.

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so you stalk idols?

False. Sayaka is the best.

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Is this the infamous blue sayaka i've heard so much about?

Sayaka needed the retard beaten out of her.

Even Kyouko couldn't do that.

She needed a man to do it.

Stop bullying Sayaka, she aknowledged her errors and accepted her fate

No she loves dick.


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Who doesn't?

I don't


How about I beat the retard outta you instead

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If only The Different Story got animated instead of this

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I like both.

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No thanks.

Kirika is way ahead of you

TDS is shit.

Fuck you it's good

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>that size difference

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Damn I want to be a chair now.

Why are they all so /fa/? The original wasn't like this. Where do they get the money to afford all the designer clothes?

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Yachiyo is a model

Yachiyo wears clothes for money dohoho

Yachiyo is in college so she doesn't have a school uniform to be in during 90% of scenes. She's also a model.

I didn't know hags were allowed to be magical girls.

So when are we getting the grimdark madoka where magical girls run mafias, illicit grief seed trade, and underground slave boy trafficking/prostitution?

Yachiyo survives a job with a higher mortality rate than suicide. She can do whatever she wants.

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Not just any tsundere but a Tsundere Idolfag.

It's a good combination.

Would be pretty good if the LL self-insert ends up being called Rena.

Yachiyo is the sexiest old hag

>and accepted her fate
kek no

Passing out after being suffocated by Homura's fat cock!

Well she'll eventually forget and have a normal life