So I watched the first six episodes of this, and holy shit this is terrible...

So I watched the first six episodes of this, and holy shit this is terrible. The main plot so far is just Naruto but in a medieval setting. Asta is also Naruto but fucking annoying and if you take that aspect of his character away, then he's just bland and uninteresting. Nothing about him stands out and he has no real reason to become the wizard king. Meanwhile, his rival is just Sasuke but nice also he's somehow blander than Asta which is just really funny and sad. The Black Bulls are just characters that fulfill one respective trope, yes I'm being serious, this group is just "Cliche: the characters". It's no wonder that this series is so unpopular in the west, it's boring, bland, and overall just awful.

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90% have already dropped BC.

I heard the manga is better though.

Looks like the pleb-filter is working properly

I liked the yelling in BC.
But its a bit much to ask from VAs.
Look at happened to Bakugo's english VA.

More like +1 chromosome filter.

Don't worry it get's better
t. cloverkek

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Well at least the MC doesn't look generic.

Theres a reason its sitting barely at 10 million sales despite 23 volumes.

>Asta is also Naruto but fucking annoying
So he's Naruto?

Its not getting better either, they literally entered the "post aizen" stage of the manga drastically going downhill from here to milk it for as lon g as possible

>Well at least the MC doesn't look generic.
He's like the most generic shounen MC design ever.

>It's no wonder that this series is so unpopular in the west
It's not popular in Japan either

Well I rarely see white hair in shounen MCs nowadays.

Really? His hair's physical design with the exremely spiky and unnatural hair is just the most generic way you could make a shounen MC design. Not to mention him being a manlet just to make sure every loser can self-insert.

Is this real or edited?

I don't think anybody wants to self-insert as a screeching retard

You would be surprised.


It's real

Wtf happened? I dropped after 15 eps and it was never this bad.


>So I watched the first six episodes of this
You sure did fag, are you so bored of your favourite anime that you need to ruin the fun for everyone else watching or reading other things?


It's rushed because it appeals to normalfaggots and cucks like

>Implying the anime is good

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Even BnHA animation was never this bad.

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Long running anime format is shit, and pierrot is shit in general. Combine the two.

I started watching BC about 3 weeks ago and watched all of it within a week. I feel like I picked the perfect time because basically 90% of the storylines were concluded and it is probably going into filler hell since it is catching up to the manga. Now I can drop it for 2-3 years.

It was incredibly generic but I mostly enjoyed it. Most of the characters are way too 1-dimensional though. I love Mereoleona and Noelle, in that order.

The first several episodes are absolutely awful. I wouldn't be surprised if 99% of people drop it before the first episode is done.

People are judging this when it's only it's it's second arc. Just wait another year or two before you judge.

Why do nip animators refuse to trace anyone other than themselves?

and by themselves I mean other animators.

that's deconstruction

Deku looks more original.

With Bleach returning, wouldnt be surprised if BC anime ends soon.

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It get good at 70's episodes and starts getting amazingly good from episode 92. Keep in mind it's a long running battle shonen in the end, and it's doing its job as one.

Are the fights at least good?


I like BC but I understand why other people wouldn't. I think the power to cancel out supernatural powers is the coolest power and I'm a huge sucker for any story that has it, like BC or Raildex.

Most of them yeah

Not really



For me I can't stand those kind of powers. Anything relating to magic nullification or whatever else just doesn't feel right.



Magic is cool too but I love seeing the moment where someone using magic gets blown the fuck out and loses their shit when their magic gets canceled and someone just beats them to a pulp with raw natural strength. I'm actually becoming less interested in BC now that Asta is getting more demon powers than just magic cancelling. AoE magic cancel is just too supernatural for me.

i like Black Clover but the anime art/style is just bad although there are some stand up episodes.

I love the manga but was horrified when I tried to watch the anime. Was turned off and never looked back. If you only stick to the manga it's solid though.

It's definitely generic, but at least it knows that. Some chapters make fun of the shounen genre and those are the best.

>MC is fricking bad at everything
Asta is a complete monster physically. Every day Naruto spent annoying people and playing pranks, Asta spent training his body and chugging the probably nutrition-rich leaf plant juice.

Does toriyama even have a plan for asta's devil fruit?

His yelling is too autistic.

how the fuck do you even yell like that?

No shit, BnHA anime is done by Bones over the course of multiple seasons. BC is done by fucking Pierrot in a long running format with a new episode every week.

I can feel his energy telling everyone we can win this fight versus the virus.

That's the VA/director being bad, not the series.



Hes literally the definition of healthy competition.