Okay post your favorite idol now

Okay post your favorite idol now

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Her cute friend.

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Butt girl

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I don't even know why
someone else tell me why I like her

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My wife Mika
Anal idol

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You posted her

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is it sinful to like lolis?

Yes, and thats part of the appeal.

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She needs to be more aware of the bad influence she has on the young girls around her.

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cute glasses
cute hair
cute office lady
cute idol

The foursome idols.

cute zombies

these two

>traced photo bodies
No Thank You

It's a perfect trio to play with, though I worry it might end up with Rika being spoilt and hogging your dick, and Mika's Miria love getting the best of her and her hogging Miria.

This is my favorite idol, she has some mental problems but she's so cute.

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Rin is still muh waifu and favorite idol

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iM@S? Fumika.

She's so beautiful

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my wife my life

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I think she knows.

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Shes too good for idolshit

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Chihaya needs her fellow idols just as they need her

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Favourite fuckpet, at least

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I can't believe my daughter Yayoi was radicalized into a terrorist!

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My cute son.

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Chihaya has a bad influence on young idols

Wow there, she might be a murderer but calling her a terrorist is uncalled for.

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Miria is a good girl.

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Good at what?

the genki legend...

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>Walk into a brothel and see this
What do?

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All of them.

20 to 40 years with no chance for parole

I don't know either.

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Hope I have enough semen to satisfy them all.

Can't forget about her cute cousin as well

It's "Oppai Oppai" now Ricchan

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I legitimately got interested in im@s from reading the doujins. I haven't played a single game or watched the anime but I have a definite idea of who are the best girls already.

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cute butt

Mami has been my wife for 12 years now. So, Mami, I'll include her twin sister for cuteness.

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a best

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>No Emilia
Turn 360 degrees and walk away

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Putting baseballs in Iori's butt.

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Dia is literally one of the most beautiful creatures to ever have been conceived.

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That's a haglet.