Absolutely BTFO in a thread

>absolutely BTFO in a thread
>don't respond, close thread and never open it again

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>get btfo
>report thread

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>get absolutely btfo
>know they are right
>still blame them anyway

Peak highbrow thread

>realize I've made a spelling mistoke
>close tab

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Like all the scammers trying to fool people saying Hex is a scam.

>try to make a well thought out based post
>have typo
>close thread and never open it agani

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Fucking KEK

>also remove it from the thread watcher
As if it never happened.

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I’m not sure what’s going on in this thread, I just want to look fancy

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>get embaressed my post
>close Yas Forums for a few minutes till the thread is moved down the catalogue out of sight

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>realize you misspelled something multiple times
>they're vs their
>forgot a "not" so entire argument is inversed
>rage close tab

>typos in thread
>never looks back
feels good

better close Yas Forums for a bit buddy

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This is a hit I can take. I've made far worse errors.

I love you zoomers so much. Much better, wittier and classy than the oldfag boomers who should just die. Longcat? Pedobear? Seriously? Pepe is eternal and the greatest thing our generation ever invented.

>reporting a thread
You're worse than a janny you cuck.
Not based at all.

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>btfo in thread
>switch devices
>find thread and join other anons in the roast

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just reported you

>flame a guy that was actually agreeing with me
>flip on the vpn to flame him some more

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switching devices doesn't change your id you stupid cuck

That's why Americans tipping their landlord doesn't surprise me.
Can't expect much from a population , who's majority of native speakers can't distinguish their from they Are

Are you Sure?

>get called out for samefagging
>call the other poster a nigger and close the thread

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Unequivocally and categorically based AF

Well memed my friend

>Like all the scammers trying to fool people, by saying Hex is a scam.

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Big Sack ID Confirmed