Was Belle unironically the perfect Yas Forumsness woman?

Was Belle unironically the perfect Yas Forumsness woman?

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end of thread

fpbping myself

her 4channer bf did anything creative/marketing, shes just a model

user are you Belle?

>ywn mating press belle


gross hapa slut

Looks fade so she better be saving that money. Cause when she gets older and uglier everyone will move on to the next younger cute girl

>no milf gf

is theranos mommy gud?

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I like my milfs thicc belle not thicc

is she hapa? she has an ugly eyes

no disgusting chomper teeth

Yes rajeesh very very ugly dear vishnu also wat is english yes

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mix of what? chink chong and english?

Yes yes ESL she ugly nothing like our brown subhuman kin!

thats not answer! spelling shit about belle

he has narrow hips, so good luck squeezing a child out of her. xddd

This literal psychopath is proof even "smart money" can be fucking stupid.

when my PNK, LIT, FTM, and RSR bags make me millions I'm going to pay her to let me eat that ass... livin' the dream.

fuck that shit

>simping for camwhores

no her pimp handled the business she just a dumb hoe

>Yas Forumscels can't even tell if a white woman is white anymore
Literally can't make this shit up! Extreme muttism

What a female Chad
She made so much money and never even showed a nipple

for me, it's Bonbi

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i want to explose her skull with a hammer

Boxxy must be godtier then

she's so fuckin cute lads

why trap right wing, hitler would shoot that trash