So when are we going to pump lition to the normies?

Did we all amassed what we wanted?

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Wow, chadfolio

Really nice user, I'm jelly but you are retarded if you don't stake that shit.

I stake 60% of it.
Nice digits.

Nice one, call me retarded but I'm just planning to stake until the end of time and live of the dividends within 2-3 years. You can't cash out big time in crypto anyways so it seems way more logical to just make use of the monthly rewards.

Wow, solid Folio user.

gimmie 1k lit sirs. poorfeg with 33.000 LIT here :(

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That is not retarded at all.
I expect up to 2k usd in monthly dividens from a 100k stack in three years.
And if you just kept compounding till then, you'll easily double the stack that you have now.
So you'd need 50k now to get 2k usd per month then.

I just assume that there will be a point in between that everything gets over-hyped and the market will pay you stupid money for a token.
But besides from that, solid strategy.

Here you go, user.

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German commercials starting next week. Maybe this is the time?

Is staking worth it if i only own 5k or is it better to hope for a good price to sell?

The token gets used for a product so I'd say 12 months is really worth it for 5k ppl. you get like 6-7 LIT per day and if mainnet is able to handle ALL transactions from the energy sidechain the rewards will be even greater because if the genesis phase.


Watch their AMA from yesterday. CEO said they will be on german national TV for a TV ad on prime time hours. 4-8 mil new ppl could see that ad according to the TV channel's average view count.

observe the weekly chart... its not too late to own an oracle for cheap

I hope your callcenter burns down, Rajeesh.

You beat inflation. Get ready for retirement. Good job.

Live April Video AMA, 23m45s

Hey satsgang
jimmy here
when you guys are done with lition can you pump stakenet also?
they are fixing btc's scaling issues

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Thank you lads.

Normies can't even buy this coin right now. Are US burgers gonna use a vpn to buy on idex? kek

Sure dude. Go all in into stakenet on the 4th of may 13:00 CEST. :)

just staked 5K compound and 12K not-compound. So in what form and when do you get the non-compoud rewards?

I don't believe you pumping $1k in that thing

lol 1k is nothing

Get rid of the XRP, Jesus Christ. ETH and LIT are good tho

like 3 quarters from that is all gains from the last days anyway, basically I just put all my coins that are not bTC or ETH in this. Generating som passive income from the gains of this ru is exactly what I wanted to to and Lition does seem like it will go very well. Even it it wnt x 10 or x 30 moon anytime soon it will very likely steadily climb up at the very least

End of the month you can withdraw your non-compound stack.

what does lit do?

Are you me user? We have almost the same LIT stack, just wish I also had that fat bag of ETH.
Aside from LIT It's FTM for me instead of ETH though. I got confirmation that Lition is indeed still collaborating with Fantom, even though they are not listed on the website under partners. Hopefully that should come with the new website they are working on.
Not trying to shill or anything but when projects that I know are legitimate are working together, it gives me even more confidence in my investments. ETH is a much safer pick however, that's for sure.

I’m a burger and bought it on Hotbit with no VPN