Is hex a scam or not?

should i invest in this shitcoin or not?

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the truth is user that it's all a scam and you just need to make sure you sell high

obviously you should but most likely you won't

It’s a ponzi, which usually end in scam. Do not touch it.

Truth be told we won't know for sure until a few months after big payday.

100% a scam, but when is RH going to pull the rug? (or how long can he afford to keep pumping & still profit)

its like 30x since bottom

i dont think it will ever 5x from here (150x bottom)

so you're looking at a high risk for a 3x max imo, not really worth it.

just watch from the sidelines or invest $10 just so you can be part.

dont put serious money in at this price

nah its already mooned man, you would be investing in something that crashes the next few days, therell be other choices in the future (ZCN for example)

First you have to understand, it does nothing. Its not a CD in the normal way. It lives and dies of people fomoing in. Its a ponzi, without the "running out of money" part. Uniswap helps a lot as liquidity pools never dry up, as richard funnels the eth from AA back into the liquidity pool. by the time the AA runs out, the network effect should be huge enough to sustain future gains. if not, it will collapse at least on the big pay day as everyone and their mum will cash out their 100x , so you better sell it before then.

Don't invest close to or after Adoption Amplifier ends. Richard will no longer get free ETH and will see no incentive to waste his ETH to buy and pump HEX on Uniswap so he'll start pulling the plug.
He already will have shitton of ETH by then and he won't even have to dump HEX. It's that easy but brainlets don't get it. They say "oh, it's not a scam, why would Richard dump his enormous HEX bags and crush the price?". Point is, he doesn't have to. He already won.

This. But there's still much room to grow until BPD

most obvious ponzi ever, they r all ponzi's but this is king

I see a may chuck a few 100 in and stake till big pay day and see what happens

Swapped my LINK directly for HEX this morning

Went so easy, no b.s.

Here's how I saw it explained the best on telegram...
Every speculative object, especially in crypto, is a "bigger fool model". We are all here for gains and HEX does it very straightforward. All the other shitcoins scam people with an impressive roadmap that never works out, and even if it does, nobody is using it.

In otherwords, HEX is no bullshit. It was designed to be simple and designed to go up in price like crazy. It's working.

so you admit it's a scam

I don't quite understand why Yas Forums can't wrap its mind around this token, because it's so fucking simple.

It's certificate of deposit and financial instrument. You can send it and receive it. Just like bitcoin, except there's an actual product: you can lock up your coins for some period of time (akin to a CD). People who don't lock their coins pay some fee in form of an inflation tax. People who lock up their coins pay less of a fee or even see a bit of an increase, depending on how long they lock up.

That's it.

How much is this worth? Simple: it could be worth as the CD market that it correlates with, and how much people use CD's.

HEX has a few thing going for it:
- The locking mechanism might help prevent panic dumping
- It's in the Ethereum ecosystem so it can automatically be used in all protocols that support ERC20
- It's grabs people's attention, if only because of its extravagant creator ("there is no such thing as bad publicity")
- Asia is still sleeping on it. Imagine if they ever FOMO on it.

No, not at all. I (and this project) just don't pussy foot around the fact we're all here to make money. There's no scam about that. HEX is like a bank CD (which is a 6 Trillion $ industry). It's an investment that over time will make you more money. No bullshit strategy, potential partnerships, new use cases, roadmap, blah blah blah that you get from every other project. You invest in HEX, you make money. Mission accomplished.


Yeah you make money by dumping your bags when the scam runs it course. You're just too fucking lazy to invent some shit strategy or roadmap.

>its like 30x since bottom
It doesn matter, with shit liquidit you cant cash out.

where does the money come from? oh yes, from new investors. kek. what happens when no new investors come? oh yes, it starts going down. what happens when the AA runs out by the end of year? no new eth get funneled in. what happens then? you know it ,)

Good one. Let me guess, I'm also a street shitting pajeet?

that's honestly the better alternative
at least pajeets have an excuse for being stupid and poor

Your info on Hex is a little off, but...That's exactly how any project works. Do you think if everyone stopped buying Link the price would continue to go up? Do you think there are 100 Link posts here everyday just because people are excited about the "grand technology" that Link is providing the world with? Bullshit. It's so more people buy it. Welcome to the real world kid.

Have you seen the chart? Whatever your argument, there are a whole lot of people that are making bank. Good thing they didn't listen to the same tired arguments.

uniswap helped hex a ton. the other useless exchanges its on, you cant even cash out (1 mill hex buy orders on hotbit kek). you have around 100 bill hex unstaked. 30k eth on uniswap. would be a shame if a whale just waits to drain it would it. where do you cash out then?

Then don't buy HEX dude. It's seriously ok. Nobody is forcing you. I'm sure you'll be fine. There are other coins/projects to make buy into.

>is hex a scam or not?
I don't know user, is EOS a scam because they recycled ETH in their token sale?
is XRP or stellar lumens a scam because they own a huge majority of the supply that they can dump on you at any time?
Face it, HEX is crypto at its raw essence, except this one designed only to pump much more then those shitty other ones..

Answer the question pajeet. You do have an exit plan do you?

only 1.3 bill hex to drain the pool. 100 bill unstaked. would be a shame if i would press a single button wouldnt it.

Well, yes, that would be a shame if someone decided to sell 1.3 billion HEX with the press of a single button. Shocking development user. I do hope I can sell at a profit. Best of luck to you and your investments.