Belle Deplhine

Where is Belle Delphine?
I miss her so much

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Stop simping

her dad pulled the plug for the router

hope the chink whore died of corona

I actually fucked her a couple of times not impressive at al but a good way to dump your cum when necessary

ok coomer


What a shitty larp.

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>Don't judge me, at least I am trying

no you're not

stoppit now.
you've retired already

imagine the millions she would make streaming on twitch

her and her boyfriend already made a couple easy millions and exit scammed nice and easy. now to live a low key life. fuck being a twitch streamer

Well fuck you!

I would donate some of the precious seed, free delivery right into her bosom, most efficient method.

Wtf this is what she looks like without the jew up?

Why are British women so attractive bros. You reminded me I forgot to donate last month


lool, thanks im pissing of lulz, they are ugly like belle

I fucked her too, like 10 times atleast

Unironically based. If she was doing this shit through her 20s it would be embarrassing but she's made her money and can dismiss any future embarrassment because she was just a dumb kid.

20 times


Idk everytime I find an attractive gal I find out they're British. Not sure if it's the Celtic genes or Norman, Viking, or Anglo

I'm fucking her right now fag

I'm with this user too fag

she contracted aids and died rapidly within 2 weeks, like eazy e

I actually fucked her back in high school back when she was a gothic schizo my worst lay ever desu
AMA guys

Why do you tell such sweet lies.

she made it with her stinky bathwater.

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there no dna of her skin

slavs looks much better belle, she has ugly eyes, i want to cut her eyes

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It’s not a lie her breath smelled like sour cream and onion chips and she just laid their flat saying “ooii yea mate jus loike that aey”