Why does everyone here hate LTC

Why does everyone here hate LTC

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because this place is filled with bcash and bsv shills


Is there something to like about LTC? shill me

copycat without any use, even worse than bch

I don't LTC is digital silver to BTC's gold: youtube.com/watch?v=KiAwmulZJpI

always liked litecoin, it was fast transactions. was buying it at 50 cents back in the day. I got about 200 of them stuck in a crypto gambling site from years back, fuck. anyway, you can't go wrong with holding LTC fuck what anyone says

I had 200 but yesterday sold half :( I regret it cause I sold at 46 and bough 2k worth of ETH

>biz hate is completely retarded
The only real problem is that no one is developing on LTC

Why should I go LTC over ETH?

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i'd go with a bit of both. litecoin will hit 3-4 hundo again, just watch

After Charlie Lee has anal sex with Samsom Mow was the moment LTC started dying.

what is ltc?

Because it never fucking does anything

The whole of crypto could be mooning and this shitcoin would only go up a few percent like it's sleeping

It’s up today

because it'a scam, and unlike hex, it doesn't perform well either.
I prefer the term "early bitcoiner".

Because it's not big enough to be the main player, BTC. Not functional enough to be the other main player ETH. Not enough room for gains as the other coins

Theyre dumb and dumb people are threatened by things they dont understand.

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You should have both LTC and BCH, not BSV. Dash is also a good choice.

Eth is a smart contract coin. LTC is a currency coin, and bitcoin is obsolete. LTC shares all the BTC atms, like all of them. BCH and DASH have a few, and BCH has been gaining, but LTC is still definitely #2. Has more volume than XRP, that says a lot. People actually use LTC, its cheaper, faster. I use it for payments online. Its easy to buy it, the atm infrastructure is key. Has all sorts of lesser known things going for it, like how they are partnered with UFC (which will likely also be big now that they cant have large team games with the virus). It has all the developers who work on Bitcoin, they just port the fixes over for free. Thats a benefit, not a detriment. Theyre also adding mimblewimble extension blocks which will make it fungible aka not able to be traced by chainalysis since the coins wont be individually identifiable but only in quantities. Each coin wont have its own marker.

Bitcoin and everything regularly go like 30x former ATH, last time it was just over 10x for BTC, but litecoin is guaranteed to go 10x 350, so 3500 LTC next cycle top. Thats BEFORE you consider that Bitcoin is likely to be dethroned as #1 at some point in the future because it cant scale, and whatever is #2 beside it in ATM infrastructure is likely to dethrone it. LTC could easily become #1, laugh now cry later. Everyone should hold some.

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They are two completely different projects and you should hold both. Ethereum is a network, LTC is a coin. ETH's value depends somewhat on the performance of the network. LTC just needs to be secure for it to not die.

og shit coin failed to live up to the 1 ltc =.25 btc meme.

Bitcoin dominance is at a high point, its going back down below 30% so get ready cunt.

It is not for mooning it is for being used as a currency. And it does that job better than most coins. Plus the second most widely available crypto irl

Chink scam, creator dumped his bags on normies while telling them to "hodl" and the began shilling absolute scams like Tokenpay and Verge. It's a copy paste shitcoin

So youre saying its decentralized. He didnt have a premined stack you idiot, he mined some like everyone else. Its a decentralized coin, the founders stack is irrelevant.


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Litecoin due to it being listed on coinbase before bcash was the biggest threat from the get go, so the shills attacked it non-stop.

They still do when you see changes in the market.

I'm convinced that Litecoin will overtake the fake bitcoin in terms of marketcap.

>muh github.

so you're telling me this is a nothingburger? why