My wife asked me how come bitcoin is so valuable and I don't know what to tell her

She means compared to other cryptos and in general. She knows about first mover advantage. She knows about scarcity.

What else?

She thinks she's not more useful than gold or regular money.

What can I tell her? I told her about decentralization and how it's trustless but it's not enough for her, I'm looking like an idiot here my friends.

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go to bolivia in flip flops and a tshirt and repatriate yourself to your money with gold

She's your wife, be honest and admit to her that you don't know shit then kiss and make up and have sexual intercourse while reading Satoshi's whitepaper together

should've slapped her for asking stupid question

now she thinks you're both a retard and weak

Its the most secure, most decentralized, and has no "owner," so its the most public chain. Its the most fairly distrusted, most trusted network with the longest time tested value and security.

It's government free money, what more do you need?

if people ask, tell them your wife walked against the door, she is really sloppy sometimes

>inb4 OP gets cucked by an oil chad

Nothing personal kid


>"by far the the most established, marketed and used crypto in the world with 11 years of experience, came out strong through everything that crypto has ever faced, all the while getting billions of dollars worth of free advertisement every year"
>"not good enough"
I think something needs to change user, and it is not your crypto of choice.

It's because people use BTC to buy drugs and other cryptos have FBI monitoring built in and it's called fancy things like "staking" and "Oracle support"

> decentralization and how it's trustless but it's not enough for her
>for her

What are her counter arguments ? Does she not understand what that means ? IS you married to a broomstick?

> I'm looking like an idiot here my friends

yes beacuse your wife turned out the have lower iq, than you had expected.

>She's your wife, be honest and admit to her that you don't know shit
I will do that if I fail to get an acceptable answer. I forgot I also kinda told her about security, in the sense you can make fake money but you can't make fake bitcoin. She still insists with gold


>now she thinks you're both a retard and weak
Not really, she's my wife, she likes me

>having a woman for IQ value

Women are for breeding purposes only and they don't contribute in an intellectual capacity at all. They are just glorified housepets with a vagina and way too many fans telling them they're never wrong.

Women don't possess the capacity to love another human they just select mates based on calculated breeding options subconsciously and male testosterone puts men into an irrational frenzy leading to breeding behaviors followed by hormonal rewards being triggered in the body.

You have nothing in common with a woman.

T. A woman

That's where you're wrong bucko, she should dote on you. "likes me" mean's she'll settle for now, until better offers present themselves.

You can explain to her bitcoin is more like gold than a fiat currency. No one entity like the government can manipulate it for political or corrupt purposes. Gold is scarce but there is still about a 3% inflation in supply from new gold mined (still better than USD whose supply has increased 4x in the last 10 years). But gold is hard to transport and secure. Bitcoin has less inflation than gold, and is much easier to store and transact. Bitcoin will also be easier to transact than money in a few years (off chain/side chain tech). Bitcoin is like a better version of gold. Gold just happens to be a good metal for use as money, while bitcoin was designed to be the perfect money.

It's the most reliable crypto been around the longest and most people know about it similar to gold. Gold isnt the rarest metal but its valuable cause people know about it.


Selling drugs and speculation, it's all it is about

This sounds like the kinda innocent questioning that'll show up in a divorce court when the subject of assets and how to fairly split them arises.
You (shouldn't have gotten married [shouldn't have told her of your investments]) should've just patted her on the head and told her you don't know how it works, just that it does.

It's the fact that its hashrate is the most unrealistic to attack, given that private money operators get shut down (liberty gold etc) when the government is able to do so easily because of some server they can seize or an office they can raid, or even bank accounts they can freeze. all of the coins have a cryptographic cost to attack. bitcoin's is the highest on a strictly proof of work basis. the value comes from this aspect, which can be boiled down to security, with better acceptability being another factor

That is a man

bottom line is this OP, you can talk about the highest brand awareness, the first mover advantage, the quality of the development, the widespread institutional interest, the ability to use it compared to other coins, its central place in crypto trading, the mystique of having an anonymous founder with billions of dollars who hasnt been discovered or moved his coins after 11 years, the fact that it's the most money like unit of account to have ever been transactable between two parties without the use of a third party. none of that matters without discussing the underlying security model of bitcoin, all of the value begins at its monumental hashrate, which is valuable because it makes the network infeasible to attack

It's a also gateway to other cryptos.
Many shitcoins only have BTC pairs.

you handle the crypto. let me handle your wife.

because the economy is completely fucked and people fear gold confiscations and negative interest rates

its the name op. i doubt theres a person on this planet that hasnt heard of bitcoin by now. however ive spoken to multiple IT co-workers about crypto and have yet to have anyone know anything other than bitcoin.

do you know why Coke is used to ask for any softdrink or how people ask for a Kleenex when wanting a tissue? because companies realized the importance of being a household name.

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The equilibrium price of bitcoin is based on how much it costs to mine it. Everything above that, is speculation of future value.

It's math and is backed and valuable because of demand and separation from out of control government debt-based fiat. It's just math.

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