How can I make money as a teacher? Are financial prospect of this job forever fucked?

How can I make money as a teacher? Are financial prospect of this job forever fucked?

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Not once ever in the history of the world has "teacher" been a good job.

pretty much. but if you put your paycheck into BTC and LINK you'll make it.

>How can I make money as a teacher?
uh... is the employer not paying you? You do know how a job works, right?

More money smartass

there are worse jobs. if you get a decent job in a suburban school district (easier said than done) you can make like $70-80k a year with summers off and lots of vacation time. i don't know about dealing with today's kids though. they're all entitled little brats who all think they're going to be famous on youtube,

You can make money but you have to be a different kind of teacher.
You have to start a cult and require monetary sacrifices to your altar of profits.

so many girls i talk to have some kind of authority fetish, a chick in my class actually texted the teacher after graduation... i think you can get tons of fresh 15yo pussy if you're under 40 and look decent

>making money as a teacher

L to the O to the L, should have taken something more serious back then in uni I guess, I hope all those partyings are worth it fa.m

>Not once ever in the history of the world has "teacher" been a good job.
"Teacher" has been a good job when most of the world was uneducated
now that practically anyone can become a teacher, the job pays shit

supply and demand

Educational videos on YouTube?

You don't, faggot.
Teaching is something you do to pay it forward after you've made it.
Being a poster boy for "can't do? teach!" is not profitable, nor should it be.

If you teach White children you’re gonna love it. If you have to manage a nigger rodeo you are not only going to hate it but you will get your ass kicked, then fired and blacklisted for not liking it.

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30 year old just started teaching. Went abroad to Cambodia to try it out before I settlr down in leaf nation. Making about 30k USD with my place paid for and super cheap cost of living here. Definitely not a way to become a millionaire but if my btc eth link stack keeps getting bigger that's all that matters.

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which of that have you done, personally

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You will never be white.

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Oh wait, as if a dumb nigger is going to be able to understand a squished and distorted map of the world, let alone know what is what on a normal one.

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Moonlanding never happened and most of the billionares are (((whites)))

>i think you can get tons of fresh 15yo pussy

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Thats just anti-white propaganda designed to deny National Socialist scientists their recognition. We put man on the moon, we Nazis.

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contribute to it's continued existence and progress.

No one white man did all. But white men did.

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