Lition retirement

And you are still looking for the " MUH " gem. Idiots.

>>Protips the avaible supply is shriking day by day.
>>The FOMO will be insane

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I'm loading up

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>use cases 30

numbers there are very optimistic, but even half of that is great. Gettig 5K more and so should everyone in here if you don't want to miss the greatest opportunity on this board

Pic related

Brainlet ? You didn't read the whitepaper right ?

DYOR before posting your " LoL " here kid.

Adults are talking about true topics and pure money.

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Model based on the WP.

Whe don't even need 30 usecases. A nice 2k/month would be enough for my lifestyle

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Same here. Insane retirement.

And those numbers are with the current price. Now image Lition at 1$

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1.5 million txs is a bit high.
They are on track to get 250k txs per day by 2020 based on the energy usecase.
There might be other usecases but I doubt they'll already reach the success of the energy business in such a short time.
500k by 2022 is a better assumption.

I also think that there will be way more tokens staked.
We already have 19 million in the pool or 30% of the supply of 60.3 million LIT (which is outdated, i think supply is already higher)
Anyway by 2022 supply will be close to 100.5 million, I think 30 million (thus 50% for the calculator) being staked is a decent assumption.

>18 bucks a day
Still 6.3% yoy even if price of Lition already 15x'd till 1.1 USD.

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So i need realistically 400k for my 2000/month
BRB buying lit

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lition sounds like some special lubricating lotion advertised on pornhub

I think that, all depend about the use cases they will bring.

Lets see.

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Saved. Loving it
TY user

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Smart move of your life.

Thank you, bigger version.

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i staked 9k, i sold my pnk and want to buy more lit. Can i stake above the others or do i have to make i new stake with again minimum 5k LIT?

Yes. You always need 5k to commit for a stake.

top kek

Imagine still buying / shilling shitcoins in 2020
The fucking state of Yas Forums

12k litlet here
how much to make it?

10k suicide
100k make it.
Which basically means 7k and 70k and then stake them for a year.

>SAP is a partner
choose one, senpai

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Yeah, 100k is pretty much the solid make it stack. Get it while it's cheap and available, at least 70k and stake it and you will be there within a few months.


Why doesn't daily income increase if LIT's token prices increases? LIT can be $10 or $0,10, the resulting daily income stays the same.
Or is it because transaction costs are pegged to some LIT/$ value?

The daily income comes from transaction fees.
Which are pegged at 0.01 USD.
I don't know how this pegging mechanism works though.

because we are still in genesis phase. Change the "lit prices" in the bottom to lets say 5$ and then put the genesis phase slider off to get an errection.

Yeah the income from staking is only good for like a month, same shit happened with LPT. First it was 200% return, a week later its 150%... on and on. Now its like 10% and the coin itself is worthless.

no you are putting the genesis phase slider on.
Genesis phase = high stake rewards
The price doesnt influence the staking rewards.
Only adoption does.
Adoption influences staking rewards
Staking rewards influences the price
Not the other way around.

>Brainlet ? You didn't read the whitepaper right ?

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how to buy this scam coin?