We only need to gain 50% to have higher mcap than STINK

Let's go bois

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This board will flip its tit. I can't wait. Years of memery, theory building, Sergey worshipping and then hex comes along and takes a shit on it in its first year lol

Isn't HEX a literal fucking ponzi scheme? kys scammers

No it's not. Don't worry you'll fomo in at $1 this time next year

is it really happening this time?

kys faggot
this shit is just Bitconnect 2.0
can't imagine how fucking stupid you must be to waste your money buying this shit

Someone is seething on missing out x70 gains

literally couldn't care if it went 1000x
death to all scammers

It was designed to do 10000x

it doesn't sell 700k every week on binance

i wonder if it will have a volume of 6 mill at 1$ aka billion $ mc as well, kek

Fucking hex retards. You know how small you sell window is before it crashes to zero right?

I just laugh at you cunts now. Enjoy poverty

I never mentioned Chainlink at all, nor am I invested in it

I will thank you


Your toxicity isn't appreciated. I m glad tgat yoy can't think properly and 1ill liss out on the 10000x. Why are you even in crypto if you hate making money?

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yeah it's going to have the same market cap as bitcoin. fucking kill yourself retard.

> Small sell window
> Been going up for the past 3 months
> Everytime a retard tries to call the top it goes up more


Yeah it can. It's Bitcoin but with better marketing and a time deposit feature. Enjoy holding old bags.

lol I'm calling the top. This is the top.

Nah, man we're in another bull flag about to break upwards.

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First you have to understand, it does nothing. Its not a CD in the normal way. You dont have to stake or can end your stake early with a penalty, which doesnt actually matter if you are ahead in gains. Only 75% are locked, so people just wait on the sidelines to dump at their will. For a CD to be successful, the "end stake early" shouldnt be there. It lives and dies of people fomoing in. Its a ponzi, without the "running out of money" part. Uniswap helps a lot as liquidity pools never dry up, as richard funnels the eth from AA back into the liquidity pool. by the time the AA runs out, the network effect should be huge enough to sustain future gains. if not, it will collapse at least on the big pay day as everyone and their mum will cash out their 100x , so you better sell it before then.

I don't quite understand why Yas Forums can't wrap its mind around this token, because it's so fucking simple.

It's certificate of deposit and financial instrument. You can send it and receive it. Just like bitcoin, except there's an actual product: you can lock up your coins for some period of time (akin to a CD). People who don't lock their coins pay some fee in form of an inflation tax. People who lock up their coins pay less of a fee or even see a bit of an increase, depending on how long they lock up.

That's it.

How much is this worth? Simple: it could be worth as the CD market that it correlates with, and how much people use CD's.

HEX has a few thing going for it:
- The locking mechanism might help prevent panic dumping
- It's in the Ethereum ecosystem so it can automatically be used in all protocols that support ERC20
- It's grabs people's attention, if only because of its extravagant creator ("there is no such thing as bad publicity")
- Asia is still sleeping on it. Imagine if they ever FOMO on it.

>yeah it's going to have the same market cap as bitcoin.
Good god where are those low iq hex pajeets parroting dumbest shit imaginable coming from?

I told you guys. We just broke upwards again.

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How many HEX for a make-it stack?

1 million to make it
5 million to be wealthy

How much is that in ETH?

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15-20 for a stack of 1 million

Suicide stack is like 2-5 eth worth