OG 2017 Yas Forums memes thread

OG 2017 Yas Forums memes thread

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>inb4 fuck you neet you provide nothing to society!
Who doesn't love wagies?

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2017 was a shit year for memes, really. Link had the best ones, but new fags are lazy.

I'm just following Vitalik's moon advice and buying ARPA.

Thanks, just bought 100k

Part II
While you are still partying
>I'm still awkward and anti social
While you're drinking
> I'm still sitting at home thinking about my superiority
While you're still fucking staceys
> I'm masturbating alone in my mansion

And now bitcoin is a forgotten 'scam' you have the audacity to call me sad and pathetic?

it's never going to happen again, is it

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are you serious? Yas Forums peaked in 2017.

fucking kids these days

shutup ranjeet

probably not fren :(

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I miss this lil green nigga like you wouldn't believe


i know bro, same

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this is my favorite one

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2016-2017 Yas Forums was something else.
I doubt you're going to experience anything like that again.

Biz peaked when I started listening to calls here and flipping in and out like clockwork. About to buy ARPA now lol

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Man I held all the coins from August, bought them all in June/July. My portfolio went from like 10k to 100k in Decembe/January.

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I used to hate the bitbean shills, but I look back on them fondly now that we have worse ones (BSV) that shit up this board. Bitbeaners were funny at least.

i wouldnt even mind shills on the board if they were funny but all their memes are fucking trash link meme rip offs. guess it doesnt take much to fool the average newfag retard who browses here.

bitbeaners were just meming. you have actual brainlets shilling for chainlink nowadays.

Chad always buys in at ath but doesn’t care and ends up being filthy rich regardless

best 2017 meme by far

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lmao one of the greatest threads in Yas Forums history

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bitbean had the best ones* you mean