Clement betrayed us all, we were supposed to be in this together

clement betrayed us all, we were supposed to be in this together

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clement betrayed us all, we were supposed to be in this together

I unironically just sold my 200k stack into UBT/ETH

clement betrayed us all, we were supposed to be in this together

clement betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together

Bullish FUD. I'm buying more on this dip.

Should I unironically buy this tip? I feel like the unlock doesn't even matter.

i only had 10K but i just traded it for RPL on uniswap.

yeah it's gonna dip a shitton more when they mint another 200 million tokens 6 months after they just minted a ton.

Why are people fudding so hard . Feels like link tards are suppressing prices

how fast is this thing gonna drop back to 1 cent? within 24 hours?

lol this shady bastard literally just minted 200 million tokens 6 months ago and he's trying to convince people they ran out of money already.

what a joke.

The just minted tokens recently and now wants to mint again. Does not make sense. Selfishness and greed is what's killing projects in crypto.

same market cap as link, literally a nothing burger. it's probably to provide liquidity to exchanges in the future for listings. reminder that they minted and introduced a shit ton of tokens into the market with the second token sale and it 5x'd.

Sorry but how devestating is this for a brainlet? I’ve sold 1/3 my stack but I’m wondering if I just just sell everything lol

Wow, this is quite shocking.
The revelation that Kleros are voting on sticking to their token allocation plan listed in their whitepaper is highly concerning, implying that Kleros itself may potentially be an illegal scam.
This news has generated fear, uncertainty and doubt in my Kleros (ticker: PNK) investment.
Therefore I will now sell all my PNK tokens at the market price. Thank you again for looking out for us.

even if this isnt as bad as it seems a shit ton of people are dumping it and they aint coming back anytime soon

based retard

how is your village doing?

if you don't see this as a bad sign that they're minting another 200 million tokens 5 months are they just minted 200 million i don't know what to tell you. even if you did actually believe in this project why the fuck wouldn't you trade your $$ for a stablecoin on uniswap and then buy back when it's back at a penny in a a couple days.

just sold everything for UBT cause it has a perfect supply ratio. im tired of 700k dumps from link and 200m dumps from pnk

it's a proposal which means its not in their whitepaper. they are literally just broke trying to squeeze this project for as much as possible before it collapses

Where are you seeing this? I just looked over their white paper multiple times and didn’t see anything about minting 2 million PNK anywhere

he is trying to sell his bags friend.


too bad. i trusted this

it's not 2 million it's 200 million

they leave me no choice, i have to sell my 400k precious pinkies

If this shitcoin wasn't already a sinking ship it definitely is now. SELL EVERYTHING or enjoy the ride down to token sale prices.

ok, what do i buy now? i have 37 eth to spend on some other shitcoin

Just sold my 60k, dead cat bounce is real