Did you see this shit???

They want to mint another 200 million new tokens... what a fucking scam


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lol so glad i sold this piece of shit.

Yes rajeesh, you've posted that already.
We get it, you hate Kleros but that won't stop Kleros from taking over the world!! Kleros $10 EOY!

made enough off this to get a new ipad

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Just momentary set back

>just shit in my mouth clement

Imagine selling for 200 million when link team holds 600 billion

>Just momentary set back

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Decentralised JUSTice

These 200m tokens will count towards the 1b total supply. So what is the issue?
Anyone who did their own research should know that only 500m have been minted so far, eventually, the remaining 500m tokens were going to be minted.

yes sirs all is well in village please purchase the kleros

wow that's terrible i didnt know they planned on minting a billion of these lmao. staying far away

Nothing changed with the team and they have reason for issuing more

>Nothing changed
>We JUST minted another 200m tokens because we want some more money

Justice my ass

Okay I may like Kleros but come on. Their argument is "We want to provide more liquidity" without explaining why liquidity provision on platforms like Uniswap cannot be yielded to the token holders.

The total supply wasn't all circulating yet. I thought there would be another token sale and maybe there will be
Anyway it's a proposal can't holders vote against it?

Here is a summary of the teams arguments
>We need to provide more liquidity ourselves!
>We need to pay contractors in PNK not in the ETH we raised!
>We need more to pay devs! Can't pay them with the ETH we raised!
>We need to pay bug bounties in PNK! Can't pay them with our ETH!
To me it seems like they fully expect ETH to perform very well over the next year and they want to hoard their funds to take profit down the road.
Yes, there was going to be another token sale.

lol, yes rajeesh is the one trying to fud kleros. that's a funny joke.

of course. they know ETH 2.0 is going to cause the price to spike and want to hoard it like the french jews they are.

anyone buying into this scam deserves to lose their money. kleros court is a fucking joke of a business model anyway that no fortune 500 company will ever utilize.

guess i've been scammed... there's always a first time for everything

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The pajeets betrayed us all. we were all supposed to be in this together

What about the tokens they already .intrd in January. What they did with the money ready? Crypto is full jokes.

literally just traded all my kleros for RPL on uniswap. fuck these french douchebags just trying to get more ETH to sell when it moons later this year.

hahahahha fuck that is funny. RIP kleros.

I'm financially ruined FUUUUUUUUUU

At least they are
1) Open about this
2) It is still a proposal

Shit projects would have just minted the tokens in silence. Hopefully this is a wakeup call for the team that they need to get PNK listed on higher tier exchanges ASAP so the token becomes more liquid and there won't be any need for any minting angrying investors..

if they were open about it they would explain how they spent the money from minting 200 million coins less than 6 months ago and why they require a second minting so quickly. seems to me they're just trying to get more ETH before ethereum 2.0 launches.

Literally this.

This was known since 2018. They're not "minting" new coins, they're unlocking them from the locked pool for liquidity and growing the project...

The actual state of retards.

Thanks mate, I’m out. Was a Short try

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So you don’t think this will have an effect?

Wow, this is quite shocking.
The revelation that Kleros are voting on sticking to their token allocation plan listed in their whitepaper is highly concerning, implying that Kleros itself may potentially be an illegal scam.
This news has generated fear, uncertainty and doubt in my Kleros (ticker: PNK) investment.
Therefore I will now sell all my PNK tokens at the market price. Thank you again for looking out for us.

Based hodler.