Trump is going after Amazon

Bezos is a parasite, sucking tax payer funds to ship his product. Amazon won't exist in 18 months. After re-election, and recovery, the SEC will file charges. No court will back Amazon.

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gonna backfire since all of his supporters will wind up paying the price

what, republicans don't shop amazon? How do you think Bezos got so rich?

You have been reported to the SEC. You are spreading false information which is leading to inflated stock prices. You will spend time in a federal prison. I reported you, and the SEC will be tracing your ISP and you will be prosecuted.

Amazon barely made any profits in the end of the last decade. It doesn't get tax benefits, it just is barely taxable.

jeff bezos is a faggot dork, possibly even faggier than bill gates.

but mark "the kike" aka "please name my daughter, xi" zuckerberg will always be the gayest billionaire.

I have never shop shit from lex Luthor and I never will I found a Amazon gift card with 20 bucks that been sitting in my account for over a year and I don't know if I'll ever use it.
Amazon is over price Chinese shit from ally Express fucking boomers don't know how to shop online that's why they keep buying trash from Bezos, he makes them feel safe

I wonder when the right time to load up on puts is? I assume there's no way to know in advance when these increases in postage would come into effect, if ever.

>fucking boomers don't know how to shop online that's why they keep buying trash from Bezos, he makes them feel safe
yes, exactly

that's most of trump's base right there. And they're on a fixed fucking income so having their wine of the month club or whatever double in shipping costs is going to make them fucking mad. It's like Trump wants to lose.

Bezos is stealing from tax payers. He has a trillion dollar business and he is stealing $5 a package. I'm not sure in what world this is acceptable.

I'm sure you want to sit around and suck billionaire cock and give him tax payer money, but i don't

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Trump talked on Monday (i think) about finding a suitable replacement for the current postmaster General. He said that they have narrowed it down to a few. It won't be long before a new Post Master is appointed, and he will immediately charge them full rate. I imagine a week or two.

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You're absolutely right, and so is Trump.

But do you honestly think his uneducated boomer votes are going to remember that when their amazon crap doubles in price?

one of the most based men in the entire US history

>wahhh he's paying to use the same service everybody else is he's STEALING

Amazon won't exist in 18 months. You can mark that on your calander. Their goal is to put every other business - out of business. They now sell prescription meds, medical shit, cars and making houses soon.

The US post office loses $2 - $6 on every Amazon package. about 8x more than the average lose for any customer. I thought you communists hated Capitalists? Now you are sucking billionaire cock?

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He is by far the largest beneficiary of the service currently.

But the president forgets his base is mostly suburban and rural whites that benefit from amazon more than the libs do. Also most of them have amazon shares in their retirement account.

it's just a very weird thing for Trump to dwell on, but it's motivated by his political dislike for Bezos so maybe he'll injure himself to try to hurt Bezos.

If trump does this, it's literally stealing from amazon. Don't touch the corporations you commie freaks

>Amazon won't exist in 18 months
I agree. Democrats are famous for destroying monopolies, and Trump seems to have a strong liberal streak when it suits him. So Amazon loses either way the election goes.

But if Trump kills it he kills much of his support.

>Trump says Postal Service must make major changes, charge Amazon more in order to get $10B loan

A new postmaster general will certainly have an impact on their stock price, but I'm having difficulty finding anything regarding a shortlist or announcements. You guys wanna help me dig?

Amazon is selling cars and plan to make and sell literally everything in the planet. They have plans to get people to sign contracts for

>amazon house
>amazon phone/data plan
>amazon food delivery
>amazon vehicle sharing plan

if you sigh the contract, you get a cheap amazon house and all that. it is literally the definition of a monopoly.

Yes, that's exactly why Biden and Pelosi would love to take it apart.

Why Trump is so eager is a whole different story.

This only means the cost of goods increase. Why can’t anyone realize when you raise rates on corporations they just bake it into their cost of goods or services? Forcing them to squeeze their margins down will never work, and actually does this economy a disservice as there are less jobs created. Sure amazon is an “evil” corporation but nobody is forcing you to work, or shop there. Fucking commies on this board

WaPo. And Amazon is literally destroying small businesses around the country. It's not healthy for the country.

Pretty cool that Yas Forums will stop licking boots and turn on billionaires if Cheat-o doesn't like them.

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So you support giving Amazon tax payer money for each package? In no world is that acceptable.

>WaPo. And Amazon is literally destroying small businesses around the country. It's not healthy for the country.
True, but we didn't destroy Walmart for exactly the same crime, so it's hard to argue we should punish amazon.

not that raising rates would punish amazon, since all their competition is shipping stuff too.

>begging the government to crush things you don't like isn't bootlicking
trumples and communists are two sides of the same pathetic soicoin

Billionaire hating commies are tourists

What do you mean- stealing $5 a package.. What the fuck are you raving about?

>Bezos is stealing from tax payers
>“Amazon pays all the taxes we are required to pay in the U.S. and every country where we operate, including paying $2.6 billion in corporate tax and reporting $3.4 billion in tax expense over the last three years.”

Trump is literally the first president to not take a paycheck you mongoloid

USPS rates are artificially low. They lose money shipping packages and the taxpayer picks up the tab. So places like ebay and amazon and Walmart online are benefitting from taxpayer subsidies.

what he doesn't get is that the people who shop on those sites are benefitting equally.

In any case, Congress is likely to get involved once corona ends and the economy recovers. Amazon is also trying to do banking and everything else under the sun.

I don't see a scenario where Congress, the DOJ or SEC lets them continue.

>it costs the Post office $7 to deliver a particular package.
>amazon only pays $2

that means the tax payer is giving Amazon $5.

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what does that have to do with his supporter's amazon bill?