Is this what the singularity looks like bros?

Is this what the singularity looks like bros?

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Gay as fuck

I can't fucking take it anymore. Buying this shitcoin was a mistake but I'm stuck with it.

Marines are built for bbc

Just fucking imagine if the link meme goes mainstream like the ice bucket challenge or some shit.

>rave with me
please no

There will be movies made about us. Probably along the lines of Enron or madoff documentaries but there will be movies alright

1 gay picture and user gives up. Never gonna make it.

Lolchecked and based

>it's another white people worship black men episode
Chinese rule can't come soon enough


The thought of making a ton of money has never made me feel so sick

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The fact is that this new wave of normies haven't faced any serious bear markets while holding LINK. It seems like the influx came with or after the flash crash, no? People like shiny new things but get bored very quickly and lack foresight. The inevitable dump will shake out many of the new LINKlets I'm betting.

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I hope they execute all the jews publicly and allow public masturbation during it.

That chart is dumb. 08/29 were corrections of long term asymmetrys in the market that needed correcting whereas now is just a reaction to an exogenous factor. Ignore my words at your financial peril fren.

Link gives a whole new meaning to Bull run.

That dude's account is weird.

The idea of LINK being 1k doesn't appeal to me anymore now that women, normies, and minorities now buy it.

Sell signal

This. Peak normie moonboy crypto shill account.

In truth, I am questioning the validity of comparing present to past. It seems narrow minded yet I do feel we are in a completely fake and manufactured bull trend in both crypto and traditional markets. We're due for an actual correction sooner than later.

Anyway, (You) ignored everything I said. Thoughts?

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This is only with around 100k or so people who know about the project. Imagine when the bull run starts and LINK reaches top 3 thanks to the crypto twitter autists. Mentioning that you own 10k link would get any girls panties wet.

You're so full of it holy shit

sergay betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together

Well, they did make a documentary on Wojak. I wouldn't be surprised. It'd be pretty cool to see our best memes and shitposts chronicled.

Holy shit

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someone should link him here he seems based

You don't understand it's actually a Yas Forumsrali conducting 4D fud

Can somebody please hack him and steal his linkies?

lmao shutup faggot cs is a scam

Does this nigger unironically exist and shill chainlink? If so then absolute based.

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