Change tinder gender to female

>change tinder gender to female
>replace pictures with really hot girl from your uni
>set age range 30-80
>make bio “venmo me $10 @[your venmo] for a surprise ;)”

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>that’s a man
Beat you fuckers to it

ok but thats a man

Is this illegal in anyway or nah

Surprisingly based. Is this illegal if you get caught?

>get caught
The fucks gonna catch you?

Some bitter 40 year old incel still living in his mom’s basement who realized he got scammed and tries to use autistic skills to track down who you are

me desu


no, i don't think so. it's not like you're forcing anyone to venmo you. only the biggest fucking simps would ever fall for that though.

OK, who's doing this? Report in.

Honestly it's getting to the point where scamming retard coomers is extremely based. They need to be taught a lesson. They still won't learn is the funny thing.

only available in the US

Then send them this as the "surprise"

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Jesus Christ maybe the gook who does a reverse image search?

I've been larping as pic related for the past 2 months and made $900 good boy bucks so far

It is decent passive income all I need to do is swipe on a few simps once a day and say hi

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So like why not just send them random nudes that don't show a face or absolutely any kind of identifier from the internet once they Venmo you. I'm about to legit try this although I really need to set up a smart contract that just auto sends the nude once the Venmo payment is sent and verified. God I love Chainlink

you son of a bitch

Refresh until you get a good one.

why her hands look like octupuss

kys ranjeet

Clever but you’d need to add more than one pic to the Tinder profile if you don’t want people to get suspicious

Thats great. Can you elaborate? What's your bio? All you do is say hi? Ty bro I'd like to learn how to wring these coomers dry

If only you knew how white I actually am. Lol

bump for instructions

Just make the rest random butt shots

I have a really good idea but I don't want to divulge because pajeets and chinks will over do the scam and everyone will get privy to it really quick. Is the scam to not even send them anything once they Venmo you the money? The way I see it you could get more money out of the same person if you actually sent a few nudes.

You can’t send pictures on tinder anymore for this exact reason. But I’m sure you could figure this out

Not even. All you have to do is mass swipe right on anyone you think would do it.

I miss brook so fucking much, I know people usually joke about this but I would love it if she literally shit in my mouth.

Make a premium snapchat, I've seen girls do that and just laugh em off

Alright I’m going to elaborate a bit on how I’m doing this.

>Be me
>go to huge state party school
>have a massive pool of hot girls to choose from
>find aforementioned hot girl
>create fake insta with take name saying I go to a school on the other side of the country
>send a few thousand fake followers to it
>make five or six posts, doesn’t matter what they are
>”venmo me [my venmo] and see what happens ;)”
>they pay
>I ask for their insta
>I follow them
>they ALWAYS request to follow me
>”it’s gonna take some more for a follow back ;)”
>they send more
>I unmatch with that dumbass and move to the next mark

I feel absolutely no remorse taking free money from dumb boomers and simps. They deserve to lose every penny

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if you promise pics for money, and take their money, it is a scam to not provide pics. the op was vague enough that you could get away with pretty much anything

That wasn’t very clear
You need a fake venmo AND a fake tinder for this


>"Here for my prince charming not a dick chad

Send me $5 and see what happens ;)

And I do say a bit more than hi. I'll ask how are they and jokingly call them daddy after a while

then a sob story about how broke i am and need help as an 18yo girl out of work alone because of corona

I took the “$5” out of my bio and got $250 less than an hour later. Don’t limit it.

Def a man

>make onlyfans account
>sell random nudes you found on the internet

I met a girl on tinder that gives me nudes. Remade a tinder of her and sell her nudes to simps for profit

Yeah this is illegal but you do you king

>this is illegal