Goodfellas is garbage. Wolf Of Wall Street is garbage. Casino is garbage...

Goodfellas is garbage. Wolf Of Wall Street is garbage. Casino is garbage. Why does everyone fellate him when hes a shit tier filmmaker? Scorcese is a hack.

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Because you're objectively wrong and your taste is sub-normie

Nice bait.

All of his movies are literally normie reddit tier. Why dont you acquire some taste?

0 days passed since OP was a faggot

The majority got it right. This kind of contrarianism is pathetic

It's not contrarian, I graduated from film school have written multiple pilots. So I actually speak from a place of authority

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>film school

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Extreme cringe

His gangster movies are shit.
Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and After Hours are all kino though.

>Goodfellas is garbage. Wolf Of Wall Street is garbage. Casino is garbage

acording to who? you? lmao

Yeah, what about it? Most people on this board lack taste and dont have an eye for what's actually good in television and film, so when I offer up my opinion, people should be paying full attention

ok zoomer

Yeah, and my opinion is equivalent to a thousand people on this board. My opinion actually holds weight


based beyond comprehension

This is extremely wrong but even if these were all trash he still made Taxi Driver, King of Comedy and Raging Bull so he would still be a great director

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>Extreme cringe

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Okay, mr textbook filmfag. Tell me about Scorsese's imagery and way of filming.

What did Martin mean by this?

I hope you're larping. You will literally never make anything worthwhile if this is your taste

The dialogue is elementary tier and the way he transitions from scene to scene is strange and off putting to the viewer. I can recommend some french films that actually pull off what Scorcese thought he was doing.

Yas Forums will praise this man over zack snyder. Fuck this.

>The dialogue is elementary tier and the way he transitions from scene to scene is strange.

I've written multiple blockbusters and thought provoking indie films which I guarantee you haven't heard of, considering you lack taste and the knowledge of what makes a film good.

Because apparently you only watch his overrated movies.

Silence, After Hours, King of Comedy and Taxi Driver are his best

They're extremely bad as well. If you like any of his movies, unironically, then you might as well leave this board, because you don't know a damn thing about film.

They really give a diploma to anyone eh

hahaha this man is insane

No they don't, and it's evident that your snark is a front you put up for your obvious lack of taste.

Post your top 10 films that you consider truly great lets see your taste.

Post your imdb or fuck off

Hack how?

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>tell me about Scorsese’s form
>well, his dialogue is elementary tier

Fast and Furious 1-8
The Matrix
Problem Child 2

shhh thats the way people who write blockbusters talk

I've got a diploma my dude. Imagine thinking you're better than anyone because you're big on German expressionism or something of the sort.

1. Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1975)

2. India Song (1975)

3. Last Year at Marienbad (1961)

4. L'avventura (1960)

5. Werckmeister Harmonies (2000)

6. The Tree of Life (2011)

7. Holy Motors (2012)

8. L'humanité (1999)

9. Mother and Son (1997)

10. The Quince Tree Sun (1992)

Any more questions? Literally all masterpieces, Scorcese is a certified hack.

Qualify this assertation without resorting to retarded meme arguments.

Maybe you should watch is best film, it might change your mind.

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Yeah you didn't go to film school faggot.

you're one of the worst trolls I've ever seen

The cadence of his movies are preproduced, overconceited trite, and his base animose is lacking the energetic output he thinks he's conveying

You would've gotten away with 'overrated' or 'repetitive' but calling him a hack betrays your status as a larping capeshitting cunt. Congratulations on being able to use google though.