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Dare i say, pedoased

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>this creepy molester dude might become president



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Trump raped like 10 women bro


they all wanted it and all those allegations were proven to be fake

also he's not a pedo like joe

I almost want to watch this just because of how sexy the webms are.

Proof? Seems like only Biden is on camera creepily assaulting women and children. Next.

>Trump raped like 10 women bro

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trump did it first and on a grander scale. i guess it took a "fave" dem to really get them to tell themselves stories about the rightousness of their path. scales falling from eyes: both parties are the same even in corruption and degradation. time for a true left to organise itself practically, fuck speeches: i want decentralized network living experiments done in a participative style, done outside the logic of market economy.

>trump did it first and on a grander scale
Stopped reading right there. No allegations proven or sentence handed out by a jury.

i just wanna see some video of Trump groping people, then I'll believe he has the real alpha potential like Biden. Too bad Joe wastes it on illegal cunny, any beta can rape a kid

wtf, biden is BASED???

This is the best candidate the left could come up with, among millions of libtards. Well done.

Lmao Pedophilia is cool just only on Yas Forums anonymously bro!

how does this matter in any way
unless they are competing for high score

fuck whitey and fuck zoomers

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first hillary and now a senile groper
they really worked hard to find the best possible candidates

Someone at shareblue is getting fired. This thread shouldn’t still be up. It’s gonna be 2016 all over again

>This is the best candidate the DNC could come up with

the right literally came up with trump, a serial pedo rapist
but the right operates on "durr I've seen him on tv so I'll elect him"

Absolute state of the_donald refugees....

At least he isn't womanizing grown ladies like Drumpfy

Surely I can't be the only one who wants to ferociously bang Margot from behind while she goes to town giving Kate the ol' lickeroo

what's this timestamp fuckery
>serial pedo rapist
don't count if it aint on tape bro

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>don't count if it aint on tape bro
ah yes this is the standard the right has used when defending donny t for the past 4 years

The state of this lefty lmao

Someone post him kissing his niece(?), she literally lifts up her skirt involuntarily.

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imagine voting for this genuine child molester
jesus christ what's wrong with americans

Hilarious, what board?
Yas Forums is too retarded to make something this funny

>Don fucks washed-up porn stars only with their permission and pays them to keep quiet like a cuck
>Based Joe rapes teenage interns and threatens their lives/careers

I know which one I'm voting for

The most laughable part is how you can pander to Amerimutt voters with racemixing propaganda.
What a pathetic nation.

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so this is the power of poltards

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>muh allegations from angry liberal whores that we're never even close to proven
>muh grab em by the pusy

Can't you faggots come up with anything else? Meanwhile there's tons of videos of Biden openly groping little girls.

Yas Forums

>he actually took the trouble
do you understand where you fucked up

>it took 20 seconds

this isn't very television & fims of you

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>replying again

Really? Is there a /chaden/ general?
I've never seen threads about good ol' Joe

Uncle Joe will make lolis great again

this dude literally has advanced stage dementia lmao

Shut it down, goyim.

big dick biden is /our guy/, fuck zion don

>replying again

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CREEPY JOE doesnt stand a chance against TRUMP

this isn't very television & fims of you

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You can just tell liberals are mad in this thread right now

You can just tell liberals are mad in this thread right now

Yeah imma just vote green and call it a day