She literally said nothing wrong. Even Joe agreed with her...

She literally said nothing wrong. Even Joe agreed with her, yet the incels in the comments section are losing their minds.
Women have preferences, and there's nothing wrong with preferring men who don't act like bitches.

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Oh fuck, you kicked the Incel hive, OP!
Here come Yas Forums virgins--the most unfuckable species on the planet!

Women should be encouraged to be so honest. I appreciate women like this, even if they come off as a bitch and society tells them to hide this behavior. More transparency not less, folks.

Yup. If you're not a warrior, you can't maintain a relationship with a warrior waifu. Nothing wrong here.

Who cares about toe rogaine in 2020?

Didn't even know this existed. Someone give me the rundown before I do a deep dive into this, who is she? What does she do? I don't want to go in raw.

Retards like OP

(S)he's a trans who beat a gay guy to the precipice of death.

every girl with an ounce of confidence thinks like this,

>men don't show their emotions and it's making the world more toxic
>ew why is he complaining like a bitch

women want to have and eat their cake at the same time.

ah yes, let me take the dating advice of a single 40 year old childless woman

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i think she had a boyfriend who competed in MMA and he lost a fight and she got turned off by it so she dumped him. or something

im not gonna rewatch to find out because rogan pisses me off

She's a woman that left a good BF, because he instictively backed away to protect his face, while in the middle of an mma match, and she wonders why she has trouble finding a boyfriend at 43

Yeah he pisses me off too I just wanted to see if watching the shitshow was worth it.

>because he instictively backed away to protect his face, while in the middle of an mma match
isn't that what you're supposed to do when someone tries to punch you in the head?

Congratulations, you just figured out women.

>Even Joe "My Jewish wife's black daughter" Rogan agreed with her

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Literally the Louie skit in real life

Yes, but she found it unattractive and dumped him for it.

joe tapped that thot
stay angry tradvirgin

This doesn't affect me and I don't care.

no, real ones do this

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He didnt cover up he kind put his arms outstretched forward in a get away motion like a noob

Basically the Louie scene with the bully but IRL.

Her boyfriend was an mma-fighter, but he didn't have a 100% winning record, so she was turned off by him.

Joe kept trying to get her to say that women like her needs a warrior, because that's what Joe wants, but she said that she's fine with a non fighter, he just needs to be better at her at something professional.

So it's really dumb that she can't accept that her mma fighter boyfriend sometimes loses a fight, but she's not full retard and would settle for a PhD.

Based Crash exposed Zabit


if you date a guy that fights for a living you should expect him to lose, but it's a totally different question from whether it makes a girl's pussy dry up which they don't control, you might simply ask them not to watch the fights

>Even Joe agreed with her,
Joe agrees with everyone on his show because he's a non-confrontational bitch.

Holy shit! Even Joe agreed with her?
He's like the least agreeable person in the world and definitely won't agree with all his guests on any topic other than weed.

>but he didn't have a 100% winning record, so she was turned off by him.
she never said that, she wanted him to lose like a man not like a bitch