Kathleen Kennedy is rewriting the original trilogy again

>"Skywalker fired the shot, Jyn Erso Did Everything That Mattered"

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Kinda downplays all the rebel pilots who lot their lives to destroy the death star.

white men don't matter sweaty


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Who reads this shit?

>a marvel and del rey crossover event

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I actually fucking love Jyn but saying bullshit like this is pure misandrist horseshit.

The SJW cunts just can't help themselves.

Kyle Katarn, Bothans, Skywalker. I never realised how Star Wars lore had been marginalising the achievements of women until Kathleen and co told this true and important story

Same. And the worst part is you can't call any of this shit out in public without being labeled a cuck, misogynist, or incel. You just can't fucking win.

Kyle and Jan team up movie when?

Never fucking ever

who the fuck is jyn erso?

felicity jones


>alphabet squadron

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It's technically true though.

>Jyn was a good, flawed character
>her dad prepared everything and she died for the mission
>Luke completed it
>hurrrrrrr she did all the work

Someone who isn't in Battlefront 2

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What kind of alien is on the cover there? Looks like a mix of human with some primate. Anyone got name?

not really. if her father had not sabotaged the design of the death star, it wouldn't matter anyway

kek this

I knew it. There was no way a white man could have done that. Also, Anakin didn't kill Count Dooku. A trans black philippino woman shot him before his head was cut off.

Star Wars ended in early 2014.

Oh shit lol

I'm sure the book is terrible because Star Wars novels have always been terrible, but a fictional character within the setting having that kind of take on it given she also knew Jyn isn't that hard to believe. Maybe I'm giving the book too much credit.

> I'm sure the book is terrible because Star Wars novels have always been terrible
The Thrawn trilogy is universally agreed to be the best Star Wars product after Empire WTF are you talking about?

Anakin didn't kill Palpatine. It was Leia all along until it was Rey.

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>Alphabet Squadron
Are they serious? Why not just call it LGBTQ+ Squadron? As if it wasn’t transparent enough

Stop fucking caring about their gay labels. Shame is their only weapon and it only has impact if you let yourself be shamed.

Agreed. Though that still equates to just 1% of Star Wars books released.

no his father did everything that mattered

>men are born from women
>women did everything

>tranies cry

>was all
How fucking condescending and reductionary.
I despise these cunts so fucking much. Why would they climb aboard a series they so obviously hate?

Those labels may not "mean much", but it can seriously tarnish your work reputation to high hell.

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A drop in the bucket for the most famous case of market oversaturation and cheap media shilling since Disney (and they’re now one and the same)

This is so destructive. Most fans actually like Jyn or are at least indifferent and this is just going to polarize for no reason.

>she did everything that mattered
pretty sure firing the last shot mattered a lot considering it was about the BLOW UP THE FUCKING PLANET

Surprisingly few people.

I get what you mean to an extent. I can't say openly how I hate trannies in my office otherwise I'll be in an office pleading for my job or getting re-educated to keep my job but it needs to be stopped at a wider level. The more people that just shrug off their shaming the less impact it has.

Why does Kathleen hate my boy Luke so much bros?

>a squadron made up of every fucking starfighter
Do these retards know how stupid that is

Star Wars is shit

absolute penis envy. Someone said it that these women hate the fact they are women.

Her father was the one that actually;
1) put the weakness in
2) did so without alerting the empire to it despite working under duress, and the implications that would bring to anyone monitoring him
3) leaked it to the rebels
4) was under the the constant threat of torture and death if anyone found out in an organisation where at least two people he might encounter can practically read minds

Where are his accolades?
Hell, what about the rest of her team? What about the pilots that defied orders to cover them? They can’t even get their own retarded canon right

>imagine joining the rebellion and actually caring about pety things like "I did more then you! and not being 100% focused on destroying the evil empire
typical woman. it`s like they don`t understand the most basic aspects of war or even team work

How is that KK rewriting it? Seems like that's some literally who author writing a shitty book. Is she writing this crap now?

so close

>the events of Rogue One take place
>Luke isn't there to use the force and get the torpedoes in the vent
>the rebel assault fails
>Death Star doesn't blow up
>Death Star blows up Yavin IV
>no more rebellion
>the end.
>Written And Directed By Rian Johnson