Any good flicks about the wall

Any good flicks about the wall

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aaaaaa when will they cure balding

it's his own fault for getting fatter though, that's something he can fix

Pink Floyda the Wall.

He could, you know, not be fucking fat.

>Hair is thick as fuck
>But also started going grey from age 11
I'd take it over being bald anyday at least

The bone structure is still there, he's just a fat fuck

And my son, fat fuck

just get a wig pussy. if women can wear makeup and heels then bald ass men can wear some shit too. also lose weight, being fat is always disgusting

Maybe if he took care of himself he wouldn't look like shit

Same. I'm in my mid 20's and going grey. Judging by my dad I shouldn't go bald.

>needing to cover up your insecurity
>not being a pussy

>when will they cure balding
they already did

>just exercise your hair back bro
cope hairlet

not always about insecurity. some people just look like shit in certain ways or certain things, you sound like the insecure one here bucko.

Being bald is bad, yes. But does that mean you can just let yourself go an become a fat fuck? I bet you're american.

> (15:13)

>muh hair
Ugly fuck cope

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Balding is god's punishment on the cuckasoid race.

Hahahaha how the fuck is obesity even real hahahaha nigga just pick up a barbell haha

Of course I'm insecure. We all have something we're insecure about. But I try to work on that, not cover it up. Using a wig can quickly become something you become dependent on, which means you'll be debilitated whenever you're caught without one. Also, if found out, a wig is far less attractive than a dome head

i mean i won't say that you're wrong about that but if i ever had to wear a wig i'd just own up to it and let it be known. its all about how you carry yourself in my experience

nuke your t
it's simple

>29, hair is ridiculously thick at grows quickly
>receded hairline that has been the same since I was about 18
>getting greys now
My brother and dad are both bald. Brother shaved his head due to receded hairline, old man can still grow hair barely and is 70. Brother just started to grey and is now 40. They both grow fucking exceptional beards, I can't grow much more than a patchy mess (but it's also thick).
I don't know what to expect.

True. You can make almost anything work if you have the right attitude about it. Insecurity is about perception, I suppose

>making a dumb face and squishing his neck
I'm decent looking but I'm sure I can make myself look like a fucking genetic freak if I put my head back like that and make a grotesque face
in fact I've seen a pic on here of a 9/10 instagram model doing that shit before

My hair is extremely thick, literally get comments on it every time I get it cut. My dad and grandpas on both side of my family never balded. Feels good to not be hairlet.

Terrifying levels of cope. There is no universal balance, no karma. Some men (and many women) are born beautiful and will have excellent lives because of it. They won't be secretly unhappy or unfulfilled in vague ill-defined ways. They will have many successful carnal and romantic relationships, some casual, some serious, and will settle down with a partner who loves them completely

>lose weight
>wear contacts/don’t wear soi glasses
>MAYBE grow SOME facial hair if it doesn’t look shitty
There ya go

While beautiful men and women have a baseline advantage, they can certainly have mental and social problems.

Used to have a thick head of hair until I was about 24. Shit sucks but at least I'm a handsome enough boy to almost make up for it

Keep up on your way to rebuilding your genetic structure, my man.

I know like 3 guys that fit the description of a pretty high school guy turned loser. It’s not something rare. Happens with girls too.

please don't be delusional...

I appreciate your concern user but you don't have to worry about me

He just needs to work out and grow a beard.

bros, can you lose neck/jaw fat? how easy/hard is this to do? asking for a friend...

Often once beautiful women (who don't have any talent to speak of) realize that their only value is objects of men, they often get fat or turn to drugs as a method of coping (ironically destroying their value.) The lucky ones find a rich guy to marry before this and make their living by mooching off him til he won't take her shit, then divorce him.

If that guy worked out and lifted he would still look fine. He's just grossly out of shape and making a stupid face.