Are they right?

are they right?

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Wow Karin did you just imply Hollywood is run by Jews? How problematic

>Jews must be played by Jews
>British royalty must be played by niggers

Are you a bot?

the jews in the comments are stupid, its obvious the jews wanna portray themselves as beautiful aryans

ironic innit

everyone should be played by niggers

There aren't really that many young, attractive Jewish actresses anymore, no.

dangerously based
Hollywood would die in a year

But Margot Robbie is German, aren't they essentially also Jews?

Everyone is secretly a jew.


>Another Holocaust revenge story
For fuck's sake

Karin doing a bit too much noticing

Jews don't consider themselves white. They see themselves as "Jews", a separate type of people. Why are they casting a white woman? Someone like pic related would be far more appropriate.

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why did no one complain about this then?

casting australian/new zealanders as jews is based

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Huh i thought she was jewish

Why do they keep putting her in movies where she has to do an accent? Can nobody besides me hear how bad she sounds?

>as if I'm listening and not being mesmerized by her looks

is this true?

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>Are there not enough Jewish actors in Hollywood? Like..I don't get it.

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it could have been ScarJo's role

If a jew isn't complaining than it's not a jew

>Jews don't consider themselves white
Not necessarily true, it depends entirely on the narrative they want to push.
Also Jews aren't white.

If there's a 20 minute scene where a group of German prison guards have their way with her it will be kino

>If a jew isn't complaining than it's not a jew

she cant play a jew but she can pretend to be a dago slick

krauts are niggers


>Jews don't consider themselves white
They do when it's convenient to do so.

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These guys don't understand why the Jewish producers cast Robbie. The goy slaves aren't going to hate the Holocaust if this is what Hitler was trying to destroy. No, Hitler was trying to genocide beautiful white girls because he was a nutcase and there's no distinctions to make between a Jew and a White

jesus german lefties were also thrown into concentration camps, so were slavs

She is not aging well.

>they don't know anything about my struggle

And gypsies and faggots and dykes and troons. Maybe Margot's character was just a 100% Aryan carpetmuncher.

>Are there not enough Jewish actors in Hollywood?

lmao that part made me laugh


>Casting call for holocaust survivor
>Choose aryan goddess

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>Jewish roles going to non Jews
Like what? And does this mean that white people can be upset about Jewish people playing white roles?

Has any historical event had more movies made about it than the Holocaust?

only one I can think of is leo in wolf of wall st

What is Margot was thrown into the camps for being a sexy Aryan lesbian

Why is an Aussie playing an European? Why are Brits playing Americans in so many movies? Why hasn’t anyone boycotted Hollywood based on that fact?
The world may never know.