Make diversity hire literally who as your main protag

>make diversity hire literally who as your main protag
>bland story that has been done a million times
>no one even gives a fuck about the trailer
>release it amid chinavirus anyway because it provides a good cover for no one actually wanting to watch your mediocre niggerbond movie
What did they mean by this?

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>Yas Forumstwerps whine about black/female lead movies, thread #538223834
God shut the fuck up and go back:

How mad are you at black people?

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That guy doesnt seem that bad and it's a unique story and not stealing shit like normal. No one seemed interested the few times I saw preview back when theaters were open though, it just seemed gimmicky.

I don't like niggers.
Movie looks ok though. At least he's in a suit, trying to be a white man.

This obviously isnt pol you idiot it's some retard.

>being mad at blacks
The real truth is being mad at (((those))) who push them and force "diversity" everywhere even when that means shoehorning them in places they should not be.

>projecting low box-office opening
Are they fucking retarded?

imagine thinking about stuff like this 24/7.
must be bad for your mental health.
adding diversity to filters and

I feel bad for Debicki

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>make diversity hire literally who as your main protag
t. retard who never watched Black Klansman where JDW was actually a based negro who thought the movement was coming on too strong
Also the dude is Denzel Washington's son, so its nepotism if anything.

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i havent seen this on pol
seems like really no one gave a shit about this one

I think I want my sons to have strong chins...

I love denzel and idris elba, i don't give a fuck if the nigger is talented, what i care about is when they only get a role just because of being a nigger.

>hire literally who as your main protag
casting unknowns in big budget projects is something I'd like to see return

Thats some PS1 face.

>places they should not be.
Could you elaborate on that? Because I do not believe you even know the plot of the movie, so I don't know how can you tell it is shoehorned.

Also this guy is the son of Denzel Washington so if he has even a 10% of his father's acting skills this is instant kino.

nolan is legit probably the most overrated director working. watch his film again and see how mediocre they are

I am so glad Trump will be gone soon.

>what i care about is when they only get a role just because of being a nigger
How do we know when that's the case?
I feel like a good tell is when there's an established book or source material with the character's race and its gets changed for a new adaptation.
Obviously its now out yet but the new The Stand series is going to have a black play Larry Underwood, who was white in the book and miniseries and even made a point that he sounded black which is why people liked his singing voice.

>COVID destroying theatre ticket sales
>better ignore that, ITS BLACKIES FAULT

don't bully the stork

nobody is mad at niggers as much as nobody is angry at cockroaches, they are just disgusting to everyone who doesn't like dwelling in filth

Its more in general than this particular movie. Even the most retarded npc would notice that they push diversity in places it doesnt belong and it always sticks out too. Like black achiles or anything made by the bbc. Not to mention the most egregious one being black man/white woman couples all the time. Other than the sonic movie, when has the couple been white man/black woman, for example?

You are in for a rough 5 years buddy.

main guy is a nigger? DROPPED

lmao fucking retard, trumpbux sealed his reelection

You're setting yourself up for disappointment, user.

Lmao, no. this place belongs to us, and you get nothing. Period.

Enjoy not having money, and enjoy having shitty movies. Your cuck overlords busted your teeth up and you are 300% mad about it, but you can't get mad at them because those Jews sold you a bill of goods, and you got nothing for it, do instead you impotently spam about HUU HUU MUH Yas Forums like the very fact that you have to do this doesn't demonstrate that you were objectively wrong, made an objectively mad choice, and then got blown the fuck out for it.

I'm not the one who has to support cringe, shitblood, you are.

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>Its more in general than this particular movie
Then what's the point of this thread retard, if you wanna get mad at least do it with some legit reasons on shit like the witcher nigger elves or knights in X movie being niggers not because a guy who gets hired for a random movie happens to be black holy shit

I actually am Yas Forums but are people angry that he cast a black main character at all? I mean unless he's replacing a white guy or something why do you care?

Just asking cause i've seen alot of good movies with black leads

just go back to redd*t

It's an original film you absolute retards

It's not about "anger", its about facts, cast a literallywho and on top of that make it black, when 99% of your audience is white, unless the dude is a god at acting(spoilers: he isn't) it will never work.
It reeks of forced diversity, and normies subconsciously fell that shit even if they can't identify the real reason they don't feel attracted to the movie.

Imagine actually thinking that Trump is not going to win. Who's he running against, creepy pedo kidsniffer? Oh, and he just literally bribed every nigger in the country?

Yeah stay mad homeslice, turns out Republicans are better at everything, including bribing niggers to vote for them. Your cuck faggot party spent 60 years trying to find a way to give money to shitskins to bribe them, then Trump comes along and just does it openly.

He's not just going to win, he's going to smash you faggots so hard that there's nothing left. 60 years since they ended segregation and the first dollar that actually went into black hands comes from a Republican everyone calls a white supremacist. That's a BTFO if I've ever fucking heard one. The niggerlover party can't even take care of niggers, but Neo David Duke over here can, because he's just better.

Get fucking rekt fag. We're going to run this continent until the heat death of the universe.

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The clue in your sentence is you had to create a new dumber argument and attack that ( thinkin 24/7 about it ) because your shit is weak. I hope you become a man one day

No. This place is mine and I do not care about your opinion. Mine is objectively better, and I am also not a whiny bitchmade self-hating faggot or a Jew. You have no power here, invoking plebbit is cringe, plebbit is the bunch of self hating white liberal faggots who started this whole mess.

>99% of your audience is white

The lead actor is LITERALLY Denzel's son


LITERALLY who gives a fuck? You already spammed the thread 30 times with this fact like some redditor trying to get upvotes from imdb trivia.
He is not Denzel, and by the looks of it, never will be.

>Lead Actor in movie nominated for 6 Oscars
>son of the most famous black Hollywood actor of all time.
>literally who

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aleast I made you learn something today you absolute crossposting tourist

there is no "we" or "us" here