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better than keaton/chaplin duo

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why yes I am the only relevant japanese director.

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Opinions on Ulrich Seidl?

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Did you actually like Killing?

Kinos for this feel?

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Should I watch Novecento?


Diane Keaton's beauty peaked in Love and Death

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The Image Book is unberable, the editing is YTP-tier (tho even worse probably), it doesn't articulate any emotion, it means nothing in the context of film history, is just random edits, because Godard is out of ideas. The narration is some retarded Twitter-tier political essay.
Film Socialisme too articulates nothing aside from uninteresting political themes, tho it's not clipshow montage film, it's pretty conventional when compared to his next two films. It's just empty, nothing new in technique.
Goodbye To Language is good because it feels genuine, it feels like an attempt to find something new in cinema (even if I don't think he was going the right direction), and it at least had something Godard shot himself (Unlike The Image Book where there are a few shots of the sea and arabic town or whatever and that's it). That's why I like it.
Then tell us about your non-entry level fast and flashy auteur films.

Der ewige Jude

based Guatemala

No trying to troll, what happened to /lbg/? thanks in advance

Any decent African films. I'm hoping that this thread isn't as edgy about this as the rest of the board

Der ewige Negro

Greenaway but interested in current time, because he mixes documentary filmmaking with fiction.

Ousmane Sembene

I've never once read a decent critique of Godard's clipshow montage films (the literal deadend of the medium, also meaning its peak). Instead of calling them shit, articulate and use your brain, chimpniggers

Moi, un noir

Sembene (Ceddo, Xala, Black Girl)
Chahine (Cairo Station, Saladin the Victorious, Alexandria, Why?)

films by
Ousmane Sembène
Youssef Chahine
Djibril Diop Mambéty
Haile Gerima
Abderrahmane Sissako
Souleymane Cissé
Nabwana I.G.G.
Roger Gnoan M'Bala
Idrissa Ouedraogo
Mati Diop
Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese

Doesn't seem like he is as visually proficient as Greenaway. Do you mean the dark humour and cruelty displayed in Greenaway's films?
There used to be some threads a while back but they died out. The very concept on /lbg/ on anonymous board is unnatural and stupid.

Félicité (2017)


my bad, didn't see you actually replied. thanks. but i want to ask a deeper question. Godard's concern with doing his montage films is to metatextually observe the past through film, and connect ideals over time that are relevant to the ongoing political situations today with Palestine and old, bourgeois European leaders, aristocrats.

Is there a reason as to why you feel montage re-edits of past films can't be considered the future of filmmaking going forward? Could you go into deeper why you feel so.

Si, dio maiale

> Do you mean the dark humour and cruelty displayed in Greenaway's films
Yes, and also obsession with perfect symmetry

Okay, thanks. I will watch Import/Export soon then.

symmetry is autism. i'll admit it can immediately stand out as it brings clarity and focus, but it's not pleasing to see. very monotonous

Not him, MY GOD avoid Import/Export if you are not into long random suburban random shots that try to be profound, I'm into Greenaway too, that helps?

has anyone watched satantango in 1080?

diane keaton there is literally me

Woah dude that's a bit racist.

Also, I was reading yesterday that during Spanish Influenza, Hollywood 1918 films where mostly shut down, small companies close and movies started to be mostly produce by the big studios which were left, increasing the duration aswell, because many flicks were just around 60 minutes and making it 30 minutes longer usually to get more money revenue.

How do you think Hollywood gonna go after this coronavirus, if it survives besides internet plataforms from the big studios and Netflix?

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I don't know i like Bela Tarr and he could be described as what you are describing. Love Greenaway too.
Not yet, only 2 or 3 scenes.