90 Day Fiancé

Which couples from this season are your favorite?

Do you see Ed and Rose lasting? Why or why not?

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I want this man to get a neck x-ray so I can understand how he was built

it's there, it's just tiny

>no neck
>still very successful
>had a hot wife and has a daughter
>actually cheated on said hot wife

There is no excuse for manlets if this guy can pull it off.

Ed is a massive whiner and pussy. The girl looks at him like he's a literal pile of shit. It blows my mind that she's so greedy and desperate to leave her UNICEF camp of a village that she's willing to fuck him and tolerate his bullshit.

This. Clearly theres something medically wrong with him.

>can also withstand a head-on traffic collision with zero damage

>hasn't had a gf for 30 years
>forced to be a turbo betabux for a single mother jungle monkey across the planet in order to get an attractive wife
He's a prime example of the blackpill in action. His looks negate every positive thing about him.

>Klippel Feil syndrome(KFS) is a congenital , musculoskeletal condition characterized by the fusion of at least two vertebrae of the neck. Common symptoms include a short neck, low hairline at the back of the head, and restricted mobility of the upper spine.

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She instantly ghosted him when he said he wanted to get a vasectomy. She's a baby-mama gold digger.

Ed and Rose

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Ed & Rose is def my favorite.
Will it last?


it's already over

Ex-drug dealer and his 7/10 Russian bride are the only couple who'll still be together in a year's time.

Even disregarding his looks, he's an annoying metrosexual who is afraid of his own shadow. I am an incel myself and cannot stand him.

For me it's the dyke couple
I'd fuck the American one till my dick fell off

It never even began

>anfisa will never scream at you for refusing to buy her a $15,000 purse and then lovingly make it up to you later with a sensual handjob while you fall asleep
Kill me

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The chad Ed
>pumps and dumps SEA pussy
>Dwarf bersker body mode
>ox thick neck
>successful and a former model

The virgin David
>spend $100,000 on a Ukrainian cam site
>visited Ukraine 4 times and got stood up
>probably a virgin

Nah man, you're a delta "male" dork. You gotta root for Ed, there's a little bit of all of us in him.

I actually tried to get an ex to a take an STD test too. And just like Ed.. alot worse than Ed really, it went nuclear. The girl was also not american. It was.. it was fucking brutal, I'll keep it short.

I enjoy watching him and I wish him nothing but the best. I just wish he'd lose some damn weight, you can't see his neck.

He looked good when he was young, thats how he got a wife. Sure he was a manlet but the neck thing wasnt nearly as bad as it is now.

Thanks for not going into detail at least, I watch it on YT

Ed easily blew like $10,000 just to fuck her a few times
He could've lived in the Philippines for a year and had a new girl every day if he had been more real with himself and not gone under the guise of love

Ed's personality is the embodiment of a basedface. You need to get your t levels checked if you share similar traits to him.

I do have similar tendencies as him but not traits, character wise. I'm reserved and had to be forced to act like a hand-holding fag.

Looks wise, not similar but alike in the not being a Chad sorta way.

I relate to him, maybe we're alot more similar than I thought

I've only seen clips of this on youtube so I NEED to ask, how did he find her?
I'm only 25, not short fat ugly or as unbelievably retarded as this guy and probably make more money than a photographer who's spending 1k+ on rent in a shit city.
Did he have to go thru the show and they only allow the best potential for fucked up idiots to pass? I could do that! What fucking website did he get on to get a 23yo sweetheart who's only ever known sleeping on a mat in the ghettos of the philippines

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Dating sites, like Filipinocupid or some shit.

She added him on Facebook but there are a variety of mail order bride websites and interpals where you can find a third world gf.

Rose is sympathetic. She's poor and has no future. Even fucking a fat toad like Ed is better then pumping out babies in a shithole.

I grew up outside Manilla. That place is a shithole. A sad, sad, sad shithole. We have no future, no hope, nothing. Its fucked up americans come over and use us as sex dolls but, anything is better then living in that dump.

Be White, Be rich, Filipino girls will be rushing to fuck you and be your "wife". Just don't expect it to be a happy marriage. She will not love you.

He has some genetic disorder.. talks about it briefly in the show.

Facebook, he just randomly added her and talked to her

You think I have a legit chance there?
I'm skinnier than Ed, not white, I've got a neck, economically I'm not rich but not poor either.

I don't care if she doesn't love me, that can come later.

Why are you even listening to that pussy. He says he's superior to Ed in every way, so why are you even giving him pointers?