Dragged Across Concrete

Give me your detailed and honest opinion on this film, please. Thank you.

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Not as good as Bone Tomahawk, better than Brawl
Better than 90% of the shit that gets put out now

boring, over the top on the nose without any form of subtlety, overlong without anything happening.

"muh nothing happens" is a stupid meme 90% of the time, but in this case it's true. there's literally no reason whatsoever to have it so fucking long. there's no interesting shots, nothing is communicated in any way, the overlong scenes don't serve any fucking purpose. it's just long for the sake of being long. I love long movies if they have a reason to be so long. I even liked the 4h dances with wolves version. But this movie is pure trash.

Bone Tomahawk is Zahler's only good movie

what did you dislike about brawl in cell block 99

I enjoy Zahler's movies because they remind of student stage plays. The dialogue is needlessly complex to the point of being out of place with the setting and excessive violence - They're like modern day reimaginings of Shakespeare plays

Idk, just felt like it went nowhere. And it was basically borderline capeshit, him with his semi-superpowers, the fantasy prison shit, it felt like a comic book.

it also had a little bit of what made me hate dragged across concrete, this on the nose political bullshit. "I'm a patriot, I smuggle drugs, but if we're gonna shoot at the boys in blue I'd rather go to prison". Just felt phony and over the top, like it was made for idiots. No subtlety, nothing. Even though it was just one scene in that one. Idk, overall it just wasn't my taste. It's still a lot better than most of the crap these days, but not really good. Like I said, Bone Tomahawk is his only good movie imo.


But they're all above average.

stopped watching because literally nothing happens

I was watching until the end waiting for something to happen every moment now, but nothing ever happened.

but that's not true at all, cops get suspended, they decide to knock off a criminal, the criminals are actually incredibly dangerous and rob a bank, they chase down the criminals one of them gets killed, the other successfully gets the money but dies because of his inability to trust a black chap

ITT anons that need to keep taking their ritalin

My honest opinion of this film is that I'm never gonna watch it. Why? Because it was touted on TV by semi-literate memelord Armond White, who
1: couldn't remember any other films made in 2019 except Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood, and
2: Referred to Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood as "Once Upon a Time in America".
Also he has teeth like a crackhead despite having a decent income.

nigga all of that was incredibly drawn into length and badly executed. i'm not even a fan of action movies, but that shit was just boring as fuck and felt extremely flat.

This film's great, I feel bad for anyone who doesn't have the patience to absorb all the build-up, the payoff is incredible. I was watching the climactic scene like I was there and my life was actually in danger. Immense

I liked it, the snazzy dialogue reminded me of old noir films. It was very over-long, though. The ending especially was very drawn out and messy. I would say it still hit the landing though, with a few bumps.

It's not an action movie, it's a crime movie.

>pay off
There is no pay off. It just slowly trickles out for 3 hours.

Why didn't Mel deserve the happy ending? He done nothing wrong, maybe not interfering with the robbery but that's it

if he wasn't a racist and just trusted the black man he would have lived and been very rich

Did you turn it off before the end or are you being deliberately obstinate?

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The nigger pulled a gun on him. The negros bullied his daughter. What did the long haired drummer kike mean by this?

Vince's character died like a bitch

that might technically be the pay off, but it was just as bland and boring as the rest of the movie. i was waiting for that scene for almost three fucking hours and all it did was make me feel cheated.

it's just a bad movie. which is somehow massively overrated by a small group of people.

So, how did you guys interpret the ending?

I took it to be a satire on the typical ending where the lowlife gets away and has money enough to last the rest of his life, in that here, we actually get to see how it pans out. How artificial his new life seems. He also doesn't really seem all that happy with the outcome and even asks his little brother if they can play the same game they played back when they were poor.

>great pacing
>great atmosphere
>great acting by Gibson and the black character (dont know the actor's name),
>outstanding villains
>interesting heist concept
>a bit preechy in the "give me your badges"-scene
>10/10 mother side-arc
>terrible conclusion
>silly deaths for street-hardened cops (especially Vaughn)
>a bit over the top at the end (why would someone whos been shot care about a fucking key)


>He done nothing wrong
What are you on about son. Don Johnson sums it up in the beginning, I think he calls him "a stemroller running on bile", and that he's "losing compassion and perspective".
He's arrogant, assured of his own abilities and right to financial compensation. He also has unexamined prejudices that lead to his downfall. He willingly lowers himself into a world of violent crime, and lo there are consequences.

Brawl in cell block - almost 10/10
Bone Tomahawk and Dragged - 9/10

So what, the guy didn't like spics

Nailed it, user, well articulated

Wtf is this retarded meme? Lots happens in all 3 of his movies this is just contrarianism

I pretty much agree with your take on Henry's ending. His mother's lying in bed and his brother's playing videogames, same as before, but it's the daytime and a big white room instead of their cramped appartment at night. It seems to be what he wanted but I think it's deliberately portrayed as a hollow victory.
Brett's ending is appropriate too, his family gets some money to move out but it cost him his life. He meant well for them but he was deeply flawed and made a lot of mistakes.

It's already been explained in the thread, user

>we want the righ-wing male audience to feel like this is "our" film

A24 crowd can't into genre film

A completely unwatchable disaster which never should have been made, which now compounds its error with near-daily shilling campaigns here.

Jesus this film filtered a few of you