What are some good movies with plot twists?

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lol, i love how this pic produces a Pavlovian like response in incels. as soon as they see it they must type out dilate or their pre programmed brains short circuit. political cultists are the best lolcows

get pozzed dilate seethe faggot cuck faggot.

have sex

Delete Yas Forums already

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stop abusing children

Fact of the matter is that immigrants work harder then whites do and they work jobs that whites are unwilling to work. Would you go pick fruit for $10 an hour in a field? No? Then shut the FUCK up about undocumented immigrants.

Join the 40% faggot.

Hnnng, she looks like psychos from one punch man. Even my resolve isnt that strong, I'd be balls deep in her a minute later

How about pay proper wages for fruitpickers.

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$10 an hour is not enough for non-subhumans. It won't buy a house, it won't sustain a family.

>Europeans will need to rely increasingly on immigrants to pay their pensions because of declining birth rates, according to a United Nations report published yesterday.


unironically what did they mean by this?

>open borders-types are also support the capitalist machine using foreign labor to suppress wages
Imagine. My. Shock.

Why do you think you deserve a house or a family? You deserve neither.

What's more, all the responses completely depend on the poster being trans. Incels have literally nothing to say to a normal human being mocking them. It doesn't compute.

Ok rabbi.

if my only other options was being a whore in romania maybe i would

So is it just me or is Yas Forums seriously losing influence? Seems like the rest of Yas Forums has turned against them.

>No home for white people!
>No more white families.

You're a racist antisemitic loser. The world would be a better place if your kids were replaced by a third worlder having kids and I'm not even memeing here. I'm glad white people like you are quickly becoming extinct.

It's one single spammer who runs away and deletes his thread the moment you mention Israel being an ethno-state. He's probably an unironic paid Israeli shill. Hello, by the way. You're fooling no one.


And now you realize that being a globalist and being an ally to the working class are two very different positions, and anyone claiming to be both is compromising one aspect for another (usually the latter for the former).


its insane, they must think about shemales dozens of times a day

>lol when I call you ugly you get so triggered and respond LOL
>lol when I call you a tranny you get so triggered and respond LOL
Could you explain the difference to me?

Fact of the matter is this is a problem manufactured by your solution.
Funny how these jobs got done pre-mass immigration.

Every male is owed a BITCH


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>I'll pretend to be stupid, that's a good trick

to imagine that this is muh white genocide you'd first have to assume that already living in first world country=white and that's the only ethnic group the first headline was directed at. don't you idiots ever get tired of being this intentionally obtuse to piss yourselves off?

And now they're being done post mass migration. Look around you, the world is doing just fine. You dont have to hide in your basement all day long just because some scary immigrants live near you. You can go outside, I promise you you'll be okay and the scary immigrants wont be mean to you.

strawmen don't actually help convince anyone anything other than your own stupidity.


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>Look around you, the world is doing just fine

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Is the joke that they are both fake?

Wages have been stagnating since the 70's (when third world immigration kicked into high gear). Maybe it's doing fine if you're obscenely rich, but not if you're a normal person.

>people complaining about raceswapping characters is a strawman

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